Liquid Rainbow: 8 × 8

(This text has been machine translated.) On November 16, 1938, Albert Hofmann synthesized a substance in Basel, which he tried for the first time on April 19, 1943. This day would go down in history as “Bicycle Day” because Albert Hofmann first noticed the drug's effect on his bike ride home. With this discovery, Hofmann has widened the gates of human perception to infinity. Why this digression?
When a formation calls itself Liquid Rainbow and then it ends with such a funky kaleidoscope cover and this idiosyncratic, musical hodgepodge Dub, Psychedelic, Electronica, Chillout and Field Recordings comes around the corner, I have exactly these associations. At the beginning of 2014 the Liquid Rainbow album was: "× 8 8“And has not lost any of its appeal to this day. The opus are eight original songs and eight Dubs made by Stefano Contini aka Dubmaster Conte were mixed afterwards. Liquid Rainbow are three men from Italy. The two multi-instrumentalists Stefano Contini aka DUBMASTER CONTE and Francesco Allegro aka FRANK WIZARDD play bass, drums & percussions, keyboards, samplers, baritone guitars, electric and slide guitars, samplers and field recordings. Roberto Beretta aka ROBY B contributes the electric guitar, banjo and keyboards to the sound mix.
The Milanese DubAs a teenager, master Conte played bass in a punk rock band that was very much inspired by The Clash. And how could it be otherwise, just about this track found Dubmaster Conte his access to the legendary Dub- Producers like King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Scientist and also Mad Professor, who in turn Dubmaster Conte to his mixed media. To cut a long story short, the album could best be described as a clever compilation of Psychedelic Dub Characterize in a trip-hop costume with ambient soundscapes and groovy guitar sounds. “8 × 8” is therefore a bit more remote from mainstream reggaeDub to locate - exactly my thing.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Well, I'll be particularly "stupid" and ask the question, what could "mainstream - reggae - Dub" be. Although I think I have understood how that is meant.
But mainstream and Dub Summarized in one term, it led me to my question. Isn't even steppers now mainstream Dub because it is always “so full” there. Well, actually I don't care about all of that, but it was such a thought of mine that I wanted to incorporate into my comment as “filler and no killer”, so to speak.
As much as I like "mainstream - reggae - Dub“Enjoy, this very“ beautiful ”album is also exactly my thing. Everything is described perfectly in the review and that's exactly how I feel about the music. Above all, beautifully "psychoactive". This is primarily due to the many instruments that make many skilful contributions that are made by the
DubArchitects just as skillfully in a very fluffy, but sometimes also skillfully soiled with "dirt", DubAtmosphere were transformed. This is particularly noticeable with “Black Fire and the thing that goes with it Dub from Dub out. I feel very special about one DubPillar made by Twilight Circus ( Dub Project II). No compromises were made and no consideration was given to any sensitivities of the "Dub-Mainstreams "made.
Overall, I also think the bass and drum foundation is really thick and stable. The basslines groove almost without exception and complement each other perfectly with the beautifully playful and - from my point of view - thoroughly virtuoso drums. You drive the whole DubClimate with the associated weather conditions without letting it arise over all continents and open up a clear view of the always wide open horizon. (Sometimes you have to "hit the shit" a bit ;-)
What I especially like - first thing - with most of them Dubs and the associated Dubs ;-) noticed are the wonderful guitar sprinkles. Sprinkles are actually not the right word, because they often play a major role. Every now and then they remind me of the style of play that seems to be familiar to me from some (many) police tunes. Maybe I'm wrong, but sometimes I think, “someone will be singing“ sending on to SOS ”or something like that or it is not necessary to wear“ this dress ”or someone will feel“ so lonely ”again. The beds may also be a little too big to make a connection with reggae. Even if Police was never one of my top favorites (the competition from Jamaica and England was just too overwhelming for me for that), I always found this guitar sound very cool.
Or should I have written GOOD now? This album also reminds me a little of the very successful Almamegretta retrospective, which we have already talked about here. But Almamegretta lived above all through the many different DubWizzards (including Baldini and Sherwood), but that doesn't make me miss the guys here. The Dubbing (the enchantment of mystical music into a spiritual experience) is here of the two present DubWizzards have been implemented excellently and leave nothing to be desired for me.
Only when the singing started I had to swallow for a moment, but it's actually not as bad as in the first moment.
I think that is also a very good tip Ras Vorbei and I'm afraid I have to apply for a splint to sleep at the dentist today so that my teeth don't grind so much today and the coming nights. I guess there is nothing to be done besides “streaming”. Well, with the abundance of good ones DubIt's also getting tight at home and “streaming” is becoming an option that most people use Dubs at least heard it before.
But I would still like to get this album ……. and if it were my last

This Dub is good to me …………………………… .. lemmi

Ok, I have to correct something about my comment.
First of all, I overlooked an "aka" in the review, and that followed
wrong conclusion from me it could be two Dubact wizzards.
In addition, the “Police comparison”, as far as the guitar is concerned, is quite special and for me mainly only occurs in the vocalDubVersion of "Something In The Sky" in sight. Occasionally it seemed like that to me again, but I even have to search a little myself until I find it again.
Relatively irrelevant, but at least I wanted to make it clear that I don't see or hear twice yet.

Greetings …………………. lemmi

Hi lemmi,

I feared that the phrase “mainstream” might have been a little unfortunate. Especially since the word “mainstream” is currently being used in an inflationary way. Perhaps you should use the terms “common”, “known” or “agreeable” in your mind instead.
Your hearing works absolutely fine, the guitar licks on “Something in the Sky” could actually come from Andy Summers (Police).

Yes, the album was mixed and mastered in the Magic Garden Studios only by Stefano Contini and die Dubs were also again under his name as "Dubmaster Conte meets Liquid Rainbow ”.

Yo! And then the “wake up Dub“Especially on.
It's kind of like Dub, where I am not surprised when I am asked whether everything else is okay with me ;-)
The Dub comes up from a very deep crypt and is with you from head to toe dubbigem "rubbish" sullied. I can only answer it with a smile and without any inner doubts, "DRECK CLEANS THE STOMACH" !!! I need Dub not always like that, but for me this kind of "dirt" in the form of awesome sound is a real quality feature. Assuming that there aren't too many cimbals flapping around it ;-) In the end, these little birds drop something…. and then it's too dirty for me too ;-)

Of course, I also like it when everything is nice and clean ............... lemmi

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