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Lo end Dub meets George Palmer: Back to the Roots

From time to time I have really favorite albums. I only click on them on special occasions - to delay the habituation effect as long as possible. Lo-end Dub meets George Palmer, "Back to the Roots“(Bandcamp) is such a case: My current favorite album. I admit it's not a particularly innovative work. More like something to feel good about: Most beautiful Rub-A-Dub-Style. Plus a singer who seems to have been an avid student of Tristan Palmer, Barry Brown and Horace Andy. The whole thing is also prepared as a showcase - I feel 35 years younger. Producer Fernando Izquierdo has recorded backings that are absolutely true to the original - but original. If they didn't sound so incredibly crisp, they could have been from the early 1980s - which is not necessarily a quality criterion in itself, but then there is the excellent composition, the arrangement and the gentle but exciting Dub-Mixing. A basis that singer George Palmer knows how to use and which, for his part, contributes extremely beautiful, catchy melodies. In particular, the track “More Love” would have been a hit in 1980. When lo-end Dub goes on like this, then he becomes the Spanish Prince Fatty. I wouldn't mind.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One response to “Lo-End Dub meets George Palmer: Back to the Roots "

Hello Rene !

Welcome back ;-)

In this case I can make it very brief. The DubI have known this "disc" for quite a while from the gtkriz playlist. EXCELLENT ! I haven't heard the vocal tracks for it yet, but I'll have to make up for that "soon".
I don't need to mention that I would like to have this as a real disc in my private possession .......

Cheers ……………. lemmi

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