Lucky Salvadori and Chalart58: Chicha Dub

Here's a brand new album that brings back strong memories of a hit from the 1970s - a time when I remembered the Dubs wasn't aware of but loved this radio play single: "Egyptian reggae“ by Jonathan Richman & The Modern L0vers – who comes out in terms of age and still remembers it?

On their album "chicha Dub(La Panchita Records). Whereby I use the word "Dub' in the title a bit exaggerated - 'Chicha Instrumentals Dubwise" is more like it, but who likes such bulky titles...

Guitarist Salvadori and drummer/DJ/producer Chalart58 belong to the Manu Chaos sphere in the broadest sense; The former is touring with him, the latter is in the Dub-Scene no stranger and has recently entered with Chao reggae album published. Together they release “Chicha Dub“ now an album that lives from upbeat riddims and is probably supposed to spread a good mood. The whole is light, beautifully and cleanly produced; the percussionist is outstanding, who can express himself in the arrangements. And yet this release has a few glaring weaknesses - like: The bass is for a Dub-Album kept too quiet and almost drowns in the mix; and if we're from Dub speaking, the relevant effects are all there and well placed, but the spark only wants to jump over when the omnipresent whining guitars take a break:

The "Chicha Dub' could easily have been used as the soundtrack for the TV series 'The Munsters', some tracks are so strange. I, on the other hand, lack the sluggish, often mystical heaviness on which a Dub with the help of various studio effects. Here's the opposite of that - if you like it, you'll celebrate the album.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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"Yeah, that's crazy. is it Dub or rap?"

I would say I like it! …………… but unfortunately I’m getting too pissed off at times. Are we hearing cumbia meets reggae again?!?
Well, at least one tune calls itself "Cumbia Felice" so I guess I'm not entirely wrong. Rhythmically I'm in the process of celebrating the album.
Also sound and DubEffects are entirely on my wavelength. (In contrast to you, I sometimes turn the bass control all the way in, if it has to be like this ;-) gtk ) I know you like to judge an album (or basically) by the sound, just like him was "delivered" and there are really big differences. Unfortunately, what also annoys me here is “the omnipresent whining guitars”. It's not the guitars at all, but rather what, for me, is superimposed on the guitars like a squeaky keyboard and makes the sometimes somewhat obtrusive guitar melodies into "real existing catchy tunes". Sometimes that almost sounds like a police siren in my ears or in my head. Or is it even a saxophone? ;-)
Especially since a few annoying beeping noises are occasionally added. I don't like that at all and I keep asking myself who came up with this crap. (It wasn't Adrain Sherwood but he's allowed to do it! Why? Because he can do it!!)
However, the percussion is again fully to my liking! And also in connection with the effects, which - in my opinion - always go very well with percussions, they are here in interaction with the rhythms, the salt in the soup.

Yes, too bad. I would need all the tracks individually here again, so that I can tell myself about it Dubcan make disc. I would hide a lot more things and mix them in a little more subtly. Well, and then I still need this and that and ……..

Cheers ……………. lemmi

I forgot about that!

Egyptian Reggae!!!

I thought it was top class back then and I still think so today. Good music is always good! Even time can't change that.

Greetings ………………… lemmi

Yes, OK, I still like the “Egyptian Reggae” too, so I come out as past my prime; however … I was sitting in the school bus and I must have sung, hummed and whistled along to “O la Paloma Blanca” and “Sailing”.

And yes, in the end (oh, heh, I use that more often now) the chicha is me Dub also too playful and too deliberately “Caribbean”, although I find Chalart58 really cool when they get into a reggae-heavy groove.

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