Mad Professor: 40 Years of Dub

If you think about it correctly, Neil Fraser is actually the longest-serving, continuously active to this day Dub-Maker of the Planet. Congratulations! He has been producing in his living room since the 4-Track-Ariwa-Studios was founded in 1979 Dubs. In 1982 the legendary album "Dub Me Crazy ”, followed by 11 more albums with the same (sub) title: Milestones of the Dub-History. Now he is celebrating with "40 years of Dub“(Ariwa) himself. He dug deep into the mountain of his recording tapes and - it seems to me - put together his personal favorites from 40 years. What a very personal choice suggests is the fact that its just great Dub-Hits (what a contradictio in adiecto!) Cannot be found here. That makes the album sound fresh and fresh, especially since the crazy professor has remastered his recordings. Many of the titles listed cannot be found in the Ariwa Back Catalog, so it is quite possible that there are previously unpublished ones Dubs of past decades can be heard - unless the madman simply gave the tracks new titles. Be that as it may: The album is fun and the stylistic development of the professor and his music is exciting. With the last track "Forward 2 Africa" ​​he has arrived in the here and now - oh well, he is even a bit ahead of his time!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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"... then Neil Fraser is actually the longest-serving, continuously active to this day Dub-Maker of the planet. "

Not exactly René, the longest-serving, continuously active to this day Dub- Manufacturer is called: Adrian Maxwell Sherwood. The “Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1 “was published in 1978. If we disregard “continuously”, then I even tend to give Dennis Bovell these attributes.
Otherwise you are of course absolutely right, Mad Professor has with his "Dub Me Crazy “series set absolutely new standards. Congrats, Mad Professor!

By "continuously" I mainly meant that Mad Prof. at regular intervals Dub-Albums published - to the present day. I haven't had one from Sherwood in a while Dub Heard more and Dennis Bovell (whom I really appreciate) plays in here dubblog hardly plays a role - which clearly shows that it is hardly active any more. Only the Prof persevered. Followed by Alpha & Omega (daring thesis!), Their first Dub-Album is from 1989 ;-).


“I haven't had one from Sherwood in a while Dub heard more ... "
Just a year ago (December 06.12.2019th, XNUMX) came out: Heavy Rain.
I have to leave out the really beautiful album "This Road" by his daughter Denise. Is just a little Dub.
Mad Professor is already withdrawing to his old age and is increasingly giving his son the space at the mixer.
Let's agree that Neil Fraser is still the most active of the three.

"Heavy Rain" - you are right. I had already suppressed that it was from Sherwood. However, she stands alone in the far hall in the younger Sherwood oevre ;-). I would say yes: Neil Fraser is the most active ;-)).


Mad Pro's hearing has already been an issue here several times, so I'm all the more pleased that this work is also very pleasant to hear acoustically. And thank you Ras Vorbei for the tip with Denis Sherwood, I'll also incorporate them. Vacation time is Dub-Time. So, even more than usual. Drew ID is still running, let's see if I have to write something;) so long, happy whatever

Of course, I was very excited about this album after reading about it here. Short and “painful” I would have panned this disc if I had been a reviewer
would. It's good that I'm not. So maybe you can call it an "unfortunate comment". As someone who almost grew up with Mad Professor (I will hopefully never really grow up), I am not excessively but quite disappointed. I mostly only hear 0815 here Dubs that seem pretty uninspired and listless to me. Hard but hearty.
Whether it is “remastered” or not, to me it no longer sounds “too high” but too “dull”.
But I can't get out of this number in front of myself. Even if Mad Professor has always disappointed me a little, I would say that both he and Adrian Sherwood are the undisputed worldwide DubProducers at all. Without these two wizards, there would be no Baldinis, Aldubbs, Umbertos, Dubvisionists and what their names are all about. These two Heroes Of Dub have maneuvered our favorite music consistently and unswervingly through all the shallows of musical development in the last 40 (+) years, so that there have always been people who have felt so strongly inspired by it that we are lucky, and today they are exactly that new heroes to whom all
Baldinis, Aldubbs, Umbertos, Dubvisionists and what they are all called and will be called, belong. You are all very welcome to me!
Of course you shouldn't forget King Tubby, Lee Perry, Scientist (and whatever their name is), but if we’re honest, they’ve started producing around the same time that Mad Professor and Adrian Sherwood took over the helm Dub, more or less stopped. Of course, that could now be open to attack by real experts. because it is my special perception and not a "truth" taken from literature. Almost everyone DubProducer will certainly not get around it
To name King Tubby as a role model. Honor where honor is due! But in the riddim I read that z. B. unser Dubvisionist is also very much based on Adrian Sherwood, although he has not copied him in any way. Nuff respect !!!
Okay, then again to “40 Years Of Dub". Perhaps the title catapulted me into too great an expectation. I would have expected a kind of “Best Off”, but I was very happy when I read, most of it is unknown. A “best off” from Mad Professor interests me just as little as a “best off” from Adrian Sherwood. Who will Dubdiscs primarily only produced?!? For us DubFans, of course, and not for people who would rather hear Helene Fischer or Tim Bendzko. So it doesn't make sense to do a “Best Off”, because I've put together enough of it myself in the last few decades. And the recycling of tunes and Dubt only makes sense if you think you've forgotten something on the first try. But one Dub such as “Fast Forward Into Dub“Can't be improved any more, it's perfect! Like the whole Dub Me "Crazy Pt.5" will remain my top favorite of Mad Professor forever and ever. At least for me it looks like “40 Years Of Dub“Quite like it.

So, I think that's it for now ……………………… lemmi (spelling is a matter of luck)

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