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Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub


I'm reflexively skeptical about albums with the name Lee Perrys in their titles. Too often I have been the victim of unrestrained "perryploitation". But since Mad Professor is actually a serious guy and he was clever enough to write “Black Ark” in addition to “Perry” in the title, I curiously clicked into the new album “Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub“(Ariwa). Lo and behold, the crazy professor has actually once again put a crazy idea into action and achieved a small, fine concept masterpiece: Lee Perry's classics (not only from the Black Ark era) were reproduced and turned into great, modern ones Dubs and instrumentals processed. Occasionally Perry contributes a few vocals, but that is clear. Most of the time we hear pure Dubs, orchestrated and arranged in a virtuoso manner, played with full force and, of course, mixed in an academically sophisticated way by the professor. And although everything sounds so beautifully modern here, the professor and his gifted robotics managed to conjure up the vibe of the old original recordings. If Lee Perry hadn't destroyed his Black Ark and was still producing today, the chances would be good that his recordings would sound just like that. Here they are all, the love classics: "Party Time", "Soul Fire", "Groovy Situation", "Roast Fish and Cornbread", "Zion Blood" and many more. I cannot praise the album highly enough. Too bad Mad Professor has produced and released so much mediocre music in the past few years. This practice may cost the “Black Ark Classics In Dub“-Album now has the attention it deserves to be considered a newer Dub-Classics to go down in the history of the genre.

Rating 5 stars

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High, I'm on the move too much right now, so there are fewer comments from me. (May be a real joy for some).
I have to come out here again as a trivialist.
At first I thought, what's wrong with him? .... what does Rene think so much about this record. I've listened to it a lot and I always thought, “No, I don't need this record. Too harmless, too serious and far too little tasty. Basically I was done with it a long time ago. But then she lent me a buddy and I just relaxed and sat down between my pit towers and at first I was still not really drunk. I don't know what it was exactly (“) but about from Dub No. 6 a switch was thrown either on the window or in my head and I just thought, "What a great disk" !!!
The first five Dubs pretty much splashed past my ears and now I was from the riddims as well as the whole Dubboundless atmosphere convinced. The sound spices from the professor now fully reached me and I've been enthusiastic about this record ever since. If only it wasn't always the (shitty) work, I would at least have the time to listen to this record a lot more often. Because I'm burned now.

Roast, Fish and Cornbread…. Yeah man !!! ……………………… lemmi

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