Mad Professor Meets Channel One: Round Two

The Mad Professor and the Channel One Sound System take it easy. There are now seven years between the first and second round of their exchange of blows. A period of time that I had massively underestimated, because the first round was still too present to me - which wasn't necessarily due to the music, but maybe more because I appreciate the two opponents in general and especially the great cover impressed me had. The Dubs of the first round were in fact quite disappointing. Especially the sound of the Channel OneDubit was terrible. Now lies with Mad Professor Meets Channel One: "Round Two" (Ariwa) present the follow-up album and one thing is immediately apparent: at least the British Sound System has learned something new. The sound is actually quite decent, but the productions (I have no idea who recorded them) are still too harmless compared to the furious live performances of Channel One. Only the final track, "Straight to Mad Professor's Head" has the magic and punch I've come to expect from a sound system of the likes of Channel One's. Unfortunately, the professor does not know how to defend himself adequately. His Dubs are - as usual - complex arranged and virtuoso mixed and the sound is beyond any doubt, but as almost always in recent times, they are compositionally disappointing. The tracks simply have no corners and edges. They remain bloodless, the basslines are weak and there are hardly any melodies. But well, the professor has long since completed his life's work. He has so many brilliant Dubs conjured up like probably nobody else. Let's rejoice that he refuses to retire and is still turning the knobs.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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As you could read in the first comments in the Release Radar, my first impression of the disc was quite different. I found and find the riddims actually pretty good. I didn't lease the "patent for recognizing good bass lines" either. These have different effects on body, mind and soul. Already with "Rasta Impasta" the BassLine has me completely under control and already Mad Professor only needs his Dubcontribute routine, so that the whole Dub will be really good for me. From "Amina Fire" to "Black Medusa" it just ripples along for me too. Whereby in "Black Medusa" nothing ripples anymore. The thing is just skipped. I can't stand the animal cruelty of the poor little bird who seems to be clamped in a vise for experimental purposes and only utters whimpering squeaks. That doesn't work for me at all!
"Spirit Of The Revolution" and "Working Dub' are among my highlights here on the disc but yes, it's especially true with 'Working Dub“ is not much going on with exciting effects. But I like the BassLine so much that the Dub also encouraged to work. ( Ok, caught ! On Dub, which encourages me to work, has actually missed its goal ). The "Naty Dub“ is certainly nothing for the sound system at prime time, but for relaxing and – if you can do that – for meditating, in my opinion it is perfect. GTK put me on the bongo player at many Mad Professor a long time ago Dubs and since then I've been a bit sensitive about the use of this prussion. Most of the time I still think it's good, but the "Control Dub“ I'm also not so enthusiastic about how the instrument comes into its own here or just doesn't come into its own. But the sound and the special way in which the Mad Professor loops in the reggae rhythm over and over again pulls everything out and I feel really good. Hard to beat for sovereignty.
Yes, I think someone here just wrote the “Working Dub" heard. In any case, he just encouraged me to work. Hence a superficial comment on the two Dubs at the end of the disc. I think they could tap-dance quite well in the sound system. In any case, I would be there too.
I find the extremely different perception of the bass lines and the riddims interesting.
I find the "BassLine" from "Mad Professor's Head" to be the weakest on this disc. I've come to the realization that Sound Systems have a fundamentally different understanding of BassLines than I or the Roots Radics...

Andie calls and yells his full name "into my ear": Andie's work!!!

So then “weeeeeeeeeeeeee … can make it, work !” ……………………………………………… lemmi

2nd opinion :

Feel free to correct me if I'm completely on the wrong track. So I have the feeling that you gave up on me long ago and take me here as a minor evil, which you just have to put up with if you go with me Dubwant to deal with music. Maybe my mistake was hidden too well in the comment and was therefore not noticed as much. Or you thought, Lemmi isn't that stupid after all. But ! I was so stupid!
I didn't read it from the review, nor did I gather it from the disc's sound check, that these are two completely different tracks Dub-
engineer acts. I thought Channel One Sound would provide the riddims and Mad Professor would turn them into these Dubversions. For a few days now I've had the disc on vinyl with a beautiful cover and when I looked at the back of the cover while listening to it at home, it felt like dandruff fell out of my hair.
The A and B sides are not only recorded by different musicians, but also by different ones DubMixed Wizards. And the very worst realization that I now have while listening to the Dubs got is that I like the B-side much better than the A-side.

I lie down again ………………….. lemmi

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