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Like the son (see “A Double Dose of Dub“), This is how the father measures his Dub-Power with a sound system: "Mad Professor Meets Channel One Sound System“(Ariwa). Even if the crazy professor is no longer as brilliant as he was at the beginning of his career, he is one of my favorites. And the Channel One Sound System is beyond reproach anyway. His confident old school attitude and of course his timelessly good ones Dub-Selections made me love the veteran sound system. So I was really excited about this album, which is dedicated to the clash of my favorite titans. Well, and as it is always the case with expectations that are too high: what is eagerly awaited can rarely do justice to them. So here too: Mad Professor delivers five sovereign Dubs off. Once again wonderfully arranged and mixed - but unfortunately too weak in terms of the rhythm base. The intensity, the ingenious bassline and the strong melody are simply missing here. In a word: the magic is missing. Mikey Dread from Channel One is a little more powerful, cranking up the bass and concentrating his Dubs stronger. But that doesn't go far enough for me either. Anyone who has already experienced Channel One live will hardly believe it: The Dubs on this album seem too light, too playful, yes, too old school, because actually the sound fits better into Jamaica in the 1970s than in the UK in 2016. And so it happens to me all too often when listening to the album that my thoughts digress and the music fades into the background. It fails to attract my attention, arouse my curiosity, and cast a spell over me. I would definitely have wished for the Clash of the Titans to be more spectacular. However: the cover is great!

Rating 3 stars

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Hello Rene ,

can it be that we are just too spoiled now? ...

All you have to do with the five DubI feel almost the same when you write about Mad Professor.
Above all, I also lack the intensity. The whole thing seems too confident or too routine. As I've already written, I like to get scared at someone Dub. Most of the time, I like the Biass-Lines as such. However, the professor has again shown too much consideration for those who do not want the bass waves to be quite as strong.
Nevertheless, Mad Professor remains, for me too, a hero at the intergalactic Dubfront against the evil in us humans. Especially being able to look over his shoulder live is the perfect magic again.

The Mikey Dread from the Channel One sound system delivers exactly this bass intensity that I need. His Dubs just make a very beautiful one Dubatmosphere and I even felt one or two magical moments while checking out. Perhaps, or most likely, it is precisely the playful ease that is more reminiscent of Jamaica around 40 years ago than that it could fit into "the apostate kingdom" that this Dublets s like. (... is the sentence so correct?).

Sure, the disc is not spectacular but it was Dub ever spectacular ?! Dub has always been something for connoisseurs (like me ;-)). Music that goes into the subconscious and only picks you up in the Twilight Zone. Spectacular music is more for the event fans, who are currently more likely to chase the pokkemonns ... (the day will come when they will be ashamed of this nonsense, although I don't really know). The Summerjam Gentleman with Ky Many Marley was spectacular. But just spectacular ... In terms of music it was really embarrassing for reggae. Anyway, I've never heard anything so limp. I want Ghetto Priest with a great On-U. Tape. That would be a spectacular event for me without pokkemonns.
Yes, that doesn't necessarily belong here, but it got me so nerfed that I had to get rid of it here.
Summerjam, reggaejam and everything is just wischi waschi. That is why it is now also allowed on television.

Well, before I lapse into general social criticism, I just want to say

You could have given one more star ;-) ………………… ..

I wouldn't have given it five stars either, because it's too unspectacular for that ;-)

“Why don't you use japanese records, much cheeper! much better! “…………… lemmi

Well, that's a thing with the professor. For me he is also a hero and especially live he still fascinates me. But unfortunately, unfortunately I haven't liked his albums for many years. I forgive him for another time and always look forward to a new work by him - only to be disappointed again. As I wrote: he's a great technician and mixer, but his rhythm material isn't strong enough to really excite on record (outside of the sound system). His son's albums are even weaker in this regard.


Believe MadPro is one of the few im Dub who lives from his music and he is very active. That's why I've seen him live several times, which is always a pleasure. With the albums, less would be more. Without looking now, it feels like something comes out of or with him every five months. Maybe that's just too much output. In any case, my motivation to listen in at all sinks, there are plenty of other things ... but I'm happy to be there again live.

Yes, unfortunately it is exactly the same for me. Mad Professor got us with his DUB ME CRACY STORY very spoiled. But if you take it very seriously, not everyone is there either DUB a limitless revelation but as a whole it is almost unbeatable.
What annoys me most about the last 5 or so albums is the fact that he probably has hearing loss or that he doesn't have his albums mastered correctly by Cevin Metcalve (or similar). Perhaps it has also become a high-altitude feast. I always have to crank my mixer fully to bring highs and lows at least halfway back into harmony. Yesterday I wrote about Ghetto Priest (for me one of the last artists who still exudes this certain positive madness) and in the evening I got myself again
pulled in his album "Beyond Flesh". A fantastic album (like all of Ghetto Priest) but unfortunately not mastered by a bungler or not at all.
Adrian Sherwood, on the other hand, didn't let anything go wrong with Vulture Culture.

Yes, I admit it ... .. some CDs sound worse than mp3.

And unfortunately you are absolutely right about the weak riddims.

Just steppers and bum bum bum as in the Commonwealth is not a solution for me either.

Sometimes I also wonder if it's me. Is my enthusiasm just not there anymore as it was before? Am I fed up? No No No, that can't be…. My feeling is still way too good for that when I hear Natural Numbers, for example.

Somehow (actually always) there is currently the worm in it. Our existence here on Mother Earth is not in harmony with nature, not in harmony with human, animal and vegetable needs and on top of that we are now killing each other. People against people, people against people. The cart is in the dirt and sinks deeper and deeper into the mud. Music would be a nice way to get out of there, but even music is banned by law in many countries. And that in 2016!
Sorry, but I'm "a little" depressed right now. I am in favor of Jesus and Mohammed having a smoke together, so maybe the EU will no longer interfere in the laws in the Netherlands. With the armchairs in Brussels, that also affects my scrotum extremely. They're really just doing bullshit. At least a lot of things only have a positive effect on lobbyists and business leaders, and people in the EU often suffer from them. Just yesterday I got a report about palm oil plantations in Sumatra ………. no, I'll stop now …………………. but really, I only get the knockout ......

I'm going in the gate ………………………… lemmi

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