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Mad Professor Meets Jah9: In the Midst of the Storm

The mad professor is still good for a surprise. In the last few years I had already given up hope that he would find his way back to his old size. With a few exceptions (z. B. "Black Ark Classics in Dub“), Are his younger ones Dub-Works rather uninspired downmixed albums, based on often mediocre source material. But now he has regained my full respect in one fell swoop. With "Mad Professor Meets Jah9 In the Midst of the Storm" (VP) he delivers his official retirement work - at the level of (yes, let's just say it) “Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor: No Protection ". Here we come full circle, Neil Fraser could now retire with a clear conscience - undefeated and at the height of his art. The starting position is already perfect: Jah9 meets Mad Professor. You wouldn't think of it yourself, although the combination is simply brilliant. Two nonconformists, both a little crazy, fanatics of slightly weird sounds beyond the mainstream and obsessed with maximum quality standards, make common cause. Was it the master singer with the peculiar melodies who came up with the idea? In any case, Neil Fraser couldn't have got any better musical material than the artfully complex productions of Jah9. How great they are wasn't that obvious on their album “9”. Maybe because they were outshone by their singing. Only now, in the Dub-Interpretation by Mad Professor, its complexity, its fragile-brittle, beautiful construction and its acoustic richness become really clear. A musical treasure that Neil Fraser appreciated with awe. That's why he didn't just “deconstruct” it, give it effects and turn in bass. But on the contrary. Rather, he revealed the deeper musical core of each piece very sensitively by purifying it, singling out and emphasizing individual aspects with a congenial sound feeling and finally giving it an exciting, high-contrast and highly artistic new dramaturgy. The result is a Dub-Album for the head and for headphones, which in the sound system would undoubtedly immediately empty the hall, because the natural habitat of this Dub-Art lies between the ears, not in the stomach.

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A fitting review for a very fine album. I mean that Dubs gain tremendously in that, astonishingly, they don't sound like the same Mad Professor Bass hawkers. Good work!

Not only can you listen to them, you can even buy them at irie records, for example. Finally "again" music that you can really grasp (in the sense of touching). Is of course ordered!
Quite apart from that, you can also find them completely in the almost everything comprehensive playlist from gtkriz
listen through on Spotify. Since this is just right, I wanted to mention that I'm starting to believe that gtkriz made this playlist mainly for me. In any case, I've been completely enthusiastic about it so far. As luck would have it, today of all days I have something to criticize. Well, it's just kidding, not a real criticism, but this Disciples stuff is still my 4th choice. I really don't need it. So completely hidden, because so far only one Dub, but I also have my current hammer in gtkriz's listDub found. "Black Ark Vampires" Lee Perry and Subatomic Sound. Runs here at the moment at least three times a day on full bottle! Christos Dc is also very fine stuff that I didn't know yet. And anyway, as already mentioned ……. Very cool playlist
gtkriz !!!! As far as I'm concerned, keep it up (apart from disciples ;-)).
But I still have to get rid of a little story:
As I mentioned before, they have me too Dub Club - Dubs flashed very positively in the playlist. At irie records I left it at that time because I found the price per vinyl disc a bit too “irie”. Now that I had completely listened to it, I had to show myself the bird again, because you really can't leave that behind. The discs were still in the list at "irie" and now I have ordered them, although they are still too expensive for me. Well ... and as a punishment, only the second part was available to me at first. First I had to keep my head above water with a pack of shoelaces. Now everything looks fine, because Part 1 is on the way to me. Feeling Irie !!!
Especially to gtkriz: You also have Art-X in your playlist. His internet EP “Under Mi Kultsha” is also part of the creme de la creme for me at the moment. No offense, I would also like to buy the record but it doesn't exist ……………. so I listen to them for Lau on Spotify. Better than nothing but I guess it doesn't work for Art-X. Well, "a Babylon ting dat" ………….

Greetings ……………… lemmy

I'm glad you like the Spotify playlist, lemmi. The playlist, of course, primarily reflects my taste, and it also changes constantly. Mostly something is added, something is rarely thrown out. I usually hear the playlist in shuffle mode, so a Disciples number is okay every now and then. If you have a paid Spotify account, I recommend listening to it via Pacemaker (free mix app) ... mixes the tunes ingeniously automatically and usually finds a perfect transition from one tune to another.

"If you have a paid Spotify account, I recommend listening to it via Pacemaker (free mix app) ... mixes the tunes ingeniously automatically and usually finds a perfect transition from one tune to another."

I'm not saying that I was good at it, but I was always a bit proud when I did well with my self-mixed CDs. Sometimes I found my transitions more interesting than the whole CD. I miss that very much. Of course you can somehow manage that with a lot of mouse pushing, but I don't enjoy that.
Served ready, as by Pacemaker, is certainly also very interesting.

Disciples sound much better on Monday at noon than on Monday morning ;-)

Greetings …………… .. lemmi

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