Mafia & Fluxy: Dub Prescription


Last December Mafia and Fluxy gave us that Dub Pharmacist (see "Mafia & Fluxy Introducing the Pharmacist"), now, almost a year later, he is issuing his first prescription: "Mafia & Fluxy Presents Dub Prescription (The Pharmacist)“(Mafia & Fluxy). At that time I was still speculating about the identity of the pharmacist, now it seems - thanks to clear credits on the cover - clarified: Everton Ruddock. Which of course immediately raises the question: Is Everton related to Osbourne Ruddock aka King Tubby? In any case, Facebook locates him in Kingston, which means that his name, profession and place of residence match. And then there is the mixing style: One hundred percent old-school - it couldn't be more classic. Which, by the way, goes perfectly with the also extremely classic-looking rhythms of Mafia & Fluxy. Of course, the sound of the rhythms is full here & now: powerful bass, tight and crisp. They come from more recent vocal productions by Mafia & Fluxy, which is unmistakable thanks to the faded in vocals and also sounds wonderfully old-school. The classic teaching in a modern guise, typically Jamaican Dub. I'm looking forward to the next recipe.

Rating 4 stars

One reply to "Mafia & Fluxy: Dub Prescription "

Usually on Monday mornings I am not able to perceive any good feelings. But this recipe goes down on me like the finest extra virgin olive oil first cream squeeze.
Above all, the basis for good ones is right here Dubs. First class riddims !!! Jamaica is and will be the soul of the groove. Plus excellent sound! I'm excited and flashed and anything and everything! I am not entitled to give stars here, but if I could ...... ..

5 star deluxe !!! ……………………… lemmi

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