Mafia & Fluxy Remembers King Tubbys: King of Dub

Mafia & Fluxy still produce music non-stop. What should you do with all the material? In the case of the new one Dub-Albums of the duo: Mafia & Fluxy Remembers King Tubbys, "King of Dub“(Mafia & Fluxy) it means: Off to the streaming services - without press releases, without liner notes, even without social media post. Does this speak of disdain for one's own work? Or is it even a half-hearted tribute? In any case, according to my taste, the album deserves more attention, because the two musicians have done a nice homage here. TubbyDubs, replayed digitally and remixed - by the way again from "The Pharmacist". If you don't listen carefully (and are not irritated by the extremely crisp sound), you might assume historical recordings here. The Dromilly Avenue sound is amazingly well copied, the flying cymbals hiss like in Bunny Lee's original recordings, the bass tends to play in the background, while the entire sound goes through echo chambers and various modulations. Of course, as is so often the case, why listen to reproductions when the originals do exist? A decisive reason is undoubtedly the sound dynamics of modern recordings, to which we have now got used to and which the historical originals simply look pale - as tragic as that may be. Another reason may be the reverence for the craftsmanship that consists in faithfully mimicking historical sounds. The third reason is perhaps the most beautiful: The works of the old masters are often of such outstanding quality that you always enjoy hearing them whenever there is a reason to do so - be it the new release of a retroDubAlbums.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Panic Panic Panic …… in my babylon Brain!

When I read about the Flying Cymbals here, "the thing" was actually over for me. But I'm (among other things) a Mafia & Fluxy fan and I go through thick and thin. I have no idea whether these “buzzing flies and mosquitoes” might still annoy me in the long run. They are brought into play here quite a lot, but are nowhere near as distorted as the old Tubby and Bunny Lee recorded. So I could possibly get by. But what "blows" me over and over again is
the enormous sound dynamics, which also allow a fantastic bass bubbling here and also fills a much larger space with the effects. Here the reverberation and echo effects not only swing back and forth between the walls of an old echo chamber, but also give me the feeling of being from Mount Everest over to Popocatépetl in Mexico
float back and forth in an oversized love swing. You have to say something like “swollen” so that everyone who is for Dub still not feeling anything, finally open your ears and broaden your horizons. This even replaces a large part of a lack of education, as one then experiences a lot through the divine vibes alone.
(Yes lemmi ... is good ;-))
So I'm blown away by the record, because here again some of the best riddims (basslines) of all time were freshly prepared and streamed into the here and now thanks to the "craftsmanship" of Mafia & Fluxy. Now, in the end, only the Flying Cymbals could be "undoing" for me.

"Dub Be Good To Me “…………………… lemmi

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