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Manasseh meets praise

The attempts at reggae - in particular Dub - Crossing classical "E-Music" is rare - but all the more exciting. In my opinion, the first person who mastered the challenge was Matthias Arfmann in 2006 when he remixed Herbert von Karajan's oeuvre for Deutsche Grammophon. Much has happened since then. I only remember the Op'ra albums of the opera singer Uli E. Neuens or Matos “Classical Dub“From last year. While these albums were always about the reinterpretation of classical works, there is also another form of crossover in which “classical” instruments such as the violin, flute or violin are integrated into them Dub-Soundsphere is in the foreground. Two years ago, Violinbwoy presented a dark work that lived more on the contrast between violin and bass than on their harmonic union. But now there's a new classicDub-Benchmark: "Manasseh Meets Praise" (Roots Garden). Incredibly smooth and yet powerful reggae beats, extremely harmonious, almost congenial, surrounded by the finest violin and viola sounds. Sometimes a flute and harmony singing join in. Sounds cheesy and sentimental? But only on paper. It's just beautiful in the ear. Yes, it is symphonic music in the original sense of the word - which, even with Arfmann, can only be said with reservations. I don't have to say a lot about Manasseh. The man is more legendary Dub-Veteran and producer par excellence. I've loved his music since I released his album "Dub the Millennium ”. Praise is a classically trained violinist with a strong weakness for reggae. For about ten years now, Nick Manasseh and Praise have been disappearing into the studio and recording these wonderful instrumentals. Now it was finally time to release the resulting material into the world and make people like me happy with it. I am sure that opinions about this work will differ widely. But whatever you might think of it, it's wonderful to see the stylistic extremes our favorite genre can accommodate.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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