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Today I recommend the different ones again Dub, which in this case invites you to take a trip through mystical India. The project Mantra move: "Raven Dub“(Liquid Sound Design) matured in 1997 in the minds of bassist Paul Raven (Killing Joke, Ministry, Prong, Raggadeath) and singer Koze Kozma (Raggadeath). But it didn't take shape until late 2019 - over 12 years after Paul Raven's sudden cardiac death. Mantra Move is a colorful troupe of musicians, singers and poets such as: Youth, Koze Kozma, Laurence Harvey (Kuba), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Mark Gemini Thwaite (The Mission), Lee Harris, Shaky, Twixymillia and many others Artists created a very special atmosphere in the studio from a variety of musical styles and genres. A merger of Dub, Downbeat Electronica, Reggae and Psychedelic / Progressive Rock. But that's not all, you can also discover flamenco sounds and traditional Indian instruments such as sitar, dhol and banshi. The texts, partly translated from Sanskrit and recited by the poet Lee Harris, fit wonderfully into this partly magical mood.
Lawrence Harvey (Kuba), one of the great chill-out and deep downtempo artists, stopped at “Raven Dub“All strings in hand. With the combination of different styles he created an incredibly relaxed and calm, but also refreshing atmosphere. With this intelligent mix of upbeat, downtempo and cool Dubby Lounge Grooves he developed a wonderful musical experience. The merging of different genres and rhythms resulted in an album that sounds fresh from start to finish and can be heard over and over again. An excellent homage dedicated to the bass player and music producer Paul Vincent Raven (January 16, 1961 - October 20, 2007).

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Ministry is of course not one of my favorites, but several years ago I was amazed at myself that Ministry was somewhere deep inside me, but at least something like an acceptance for this apparently everything and everyone hating "music". I always like to say that this heavy, trash, death and doom metal music is actually honest and hand-played music, but I can't get rid of the feeling that I don't like this music. Too much “hate” is being “spat” at me.
Well, they have a completely different definition of groove.
Against this background, I am even more surprised that musicians who have had anything to do with Ministry and this harsh MetalMucke are capable of such awesome DubDeliver the disc. Already the first DubTune "Raven Dub Force “pushes me forward properly. To do this, the DubEffects a pleasant "krissele" under my skull and also the instruments that provide melody and romance are very good in the flow. I hear a transverse flute that is not too intrusive and therefore ensnares me very charmingly. However, I do not commit myself to the flute. If you were to tell me that it is a completely "normal" flute, I would be satisfied too. When it comes to recognizing instruments, I very often lack the necessary “Know Hoff”, I had to here at the DubLearn blog. I don't really want everyone Dub comment individually but "Spiritual Warrior" is just too crazy not to give it another little extra portion of praise for it. As I said, I don't know anything about the instruments. The sitar again exudes a good portion of magic and instruments suddenly appearing out of nowhere that sound like this log from the Australian steppe, hollowed out by termites, then add one more and turn these moments into a musical revelation again. I have to write this because that's how I feel. The Indian influences make themselves felt in the Dub always very good for me anyway. The Indians also seem to have a good connection to the supernatural and always manage to lift music above music. I think that could be due to cannabis indica as well. They simply have a “broader” horizon, which can sometimes backfire if, for example, you don't want to understand that a mass bath in the Ganges can quickly become a mass grave in the Ganges. (I digress).
Otherwise I find the album very varied. Feels like the spectrum ranges from hand-played psyDub up to classic roots crackers such as "Hero of our Time"!
And now I come to a point that makes me look a bit "old". I really had the feeling that the vocals here and on “The Ganja Of Love” were Lee Perry
could act but in the meantime I've been taught better. I can only explain that I am actually getting old. But so far I only hear the album here at work with a lot of background noise from the darned work area and I hope that I can get out of this number again. I had to explain it to myself because otherwise I couldn't handle hearing Lee Perry's voice even though she wasn't there. But I only really “worry” when I can hear his voice even when neither music, film nor anything else is playing ;-) ……………… ..

So again in a nutshell, "Raven Dub"I LIKE (!) Or as certain music magazines would describe it so" in detail "out of sheer" enthusiasm "" nice release ";-)

No! Of course it doesn't work that way ……. ! That's why I have to add one more time! "Raven Dub“I LIKE EXCELLENTLY! ... .. in case that shouldn't have become quite clear from my comment.

Otherwise, I ask for your forbearance if nothing comes of me today. Today I felt like I had to write my name about 20 times, my date of birth as well and then confirm all slips again with the date, place and signature. Ok, just turn down the window on the street and get poked with something is not the truth either, but all these forms here in d-land are really awesome. They asked about all possible allergies but not about my allergy form! Typical ;-)

Ok, "let's break down the form" ………………. lemmi

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