Marcel Philipp: Dub You Crazy & Can't Get Enough of Dub

I'm getting more and more of the impression that reggae instrumentals are next to each other Dub to conquer (back) a permanent place in reggae. A true multi-instrumentalist is at work here too: Marcel-Philipp. Five years ago I raved about his debut “Morning Sessions Vol. 1” - an incredibly optimistic, carefree, sun-drenched instrumental album, characterized by beguiling melodies. Now, four instrumental albums later, he starts with "Dub You crazy"And"Can't get enough of Dub“His first two Dub- albums before. “I had a specific idea in mind early on, like my first one DubAlbum should sound. ”, He explains,“ But to realize this idea, I had to search for the right equipment, setup and workflow for a long time and experiment with it. ”Which makes all the more sense, since Marcel-Philipps is more hand-played, more open and airy sound - despite the lack of vocals - miles from the usual Dub-Sound is removed. It is therefore not surprising that "Dub You Crazy ”and“ Can't Get Enough Dub“Quite acoustically from the Dub-Frames fall, the sound DubIt's more like a live concert on Sunday morning instead of a smoky basement club shortly before sunrise. But there is no rule how Dub Has to sound “right”. First of all, everything is allowed. If you get involved with Marcel-Philipp's sound, you will discover very nice arrangements, clever mixing and lots of positive vibes - dark ones Dub-Magic but less. Which brings us to the interesting question of where Marcel-Philipp draws the line between instrumental and Dub pulls. “In my instrumental versions, I ensure a balance between melody and rhythm instruments. The melodies of the solo instruments tell a story. The rest of the instruments form the foundation, ”he explains. “I want an honest and authentic sound without reverb and delay effects. The instruments should sound as if they were right in front of me. With mine DubOn the other hand, bass and drums are in the foreground. From the melodies of the solo instruments I usually only use a small excerpt, while in contrast to the minimalism of my instrumentals, I know no limits when it comes to the choice of effects. Marcel-Philipp's music lives precisely from the balance that he describes here. The melodies are essential. If they are sacrificed to the mix, what actually makes up the special quality of his music is lost. Drum & Bass cannot always fill this gap. That's why the instrumentals remain the measure of all things for me.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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