Marcel Philipp Meets Scientist

Marcel-Philipp is on the Dub-Good taste, his last three albums all come from this genre. But after "Dub You Crazy ”and“ Can't Get Enough of Dub" there is now a very special album: "Marcel-Philipp Meets Scientist" (Ashera). What an exciting collaboration: the multi-instrumentalist and creator of light, airy reggae compositions meets him Dub-Great master and creator of heavy-lead mixes.

How did this remarkable collaboration come about?

Marcel Philipp: “The first contact came about at the end of 2019 when I was planning a Scientist Audio Engineering Master Class was involved in Germany. In mid-2021 I sent him the raw material for a track of mine. At the beginning the project was actually limited to just one track, but we were both thrilled with the result. That's why we decided to make a complete album. "

How long did you work on the album?

Marcel Philipp: “With his experience and skills, he had the whole album done in a matter of days. The Russian artist Lera (lastcaress), who I commissioned with the cover design, could not deliver until the end of September due to scheduling reasons, which is why I set the release date for November 2021. "

What do you like about Scientist's work?

Marcel Philipp: “Many of the albums mixed by Scientist are among my absolute favorites in terms of sound. During the collaboration, the contact between us was very intense and I was able to gain insights into his approach and his knowledge in the area of ​​audio engineering. "

What is the Scientist's Secret?

Marcel Philipp: “Even before the Dub Tracks, Scientist breathes his special magic into the overall sound. All albums mixed by Scientist have this unique sound. For him it all starts with the drum sound. According to him, he can only identify each of his thousands of mixed tracks by the sound of the kick drum. When asked about the procedure for mixing the bass guitar, he replied "The bass guitar drives the kick". His obsession with sound is incredible. The combination of a technical and scientific approach paired with his artistic abilities and the interest in trying things out makes him what his artist name suggests: a scientist. "

You are obviously a fan of Scientist. Where does your admiration for him come from?

Marcel Philipp: “For me, the whole creative process begins with the instrumental versions. For a means to an end, I therefore dealt intensively with mixing and mastering early on. Decades ago I analyzed the sound, especially the kick and the snare, of Scientist Tracks. Not to copy this sound, but to understand how and what it is doing. When the opportunity arose to work together, I was very grateful and very excited to see what Scientist would do with my instrumentals. "

So what did he do to them? How are his Dubs of yours

Marcel Philipp: “Scientist made major adjustments to the sound of the kick and snare. The melodica as a lead instrument has a lot of space with him and is compared to mine Dubs much more present. From a technical point of view, Scientist plays a lot with the feedback when using the delay and the use of the high-pass filter is omnipresent with him. "

Does the joint venture with Scientist remain an exception, or do you also plan with others? Dub-Masters work together?

Marcel Philipp: “I don't try to reproduce certain sounds myself, and I let my feelings guide my own mixes. From a composer's point of view, collaborations are therefore very interesting and I would be delighted if I could also work with others in the future Dub-Masters could work together. I listen a lot in my free time Dub-Music and am always very positively surprised by the new releases. "

Sounds like you're up on your instrumentals right now Dub um increased?

Marcel Philipp: “My main focus is still on the instrumentals, because without them I can't do one Dub to produce. The three Dub Albums are a result of the many instrumentals I've finished over the years. I am now looking forward to recording a lot of new tracks again. So the next one will be one or more instrumental albums from me before I also put them in Dubs transform. "

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 responses to "Marcel-Philipp Meets Scientist"

Oh dear,

I'm not quite sure. I would like to save myself a comment, because I am having trouble forming a clear opinion at the moment. The world crisis and its consequences will unfortunately not leave me without a trace in the long run.
And so I don't really come to a clear and well-founded opinion with this album either. But I also think it's even funnier when I don't comment at all.
I think you might think I think the album is so bad that I don't even want to comment on it. It is fundamentally a mistake to try to think what others might think.
So I'm already writing my second comment on the album here. With the first comment, I ended up hitting the keys too quickly for myself, so that I touched some delete key shortly before submitting it. And unfortunately this was a final version of this function ;-) Particularly annoying because the now lost comment was also of a certain length.
But maybe it is also possible to read my text while I am still writing it. And since my text was not that friendly, I could imagine that it was deleted as a precaution before sending it ;-) I wouldn't have blamed anyone for that either.
Ok, at the moment I don't trust myself to be able to judge whether the album is really great. So I write again about my impressions that have come to my mind.
All in all, I had very exciting ones DubMoments that stand out especially during the intro of everyone Dubs have set. The longer the DubTunes then run, all the more I get a certain yawn. This is mainly because that Dub in this quality and I mean above all the "rhythm quality" has meanwhile become a worldwide standard. In addition, my opinion about the use of the Melodica has been known for a long time. I don't understand why the Scientist gives her so much space here, and as I understood it in the interview, Marcel-Philipp would not have made this “mistake” himself. For me that's unfortunately one reason why I don't feel the slightest desire to listen to this album again. That sounds tough, I know. Perhaps it comforts Marcel Philipp when he reads through my comments on the use of the Melodica by the forefather Augustus Pablo. From him we have long-time reggae and DubFans, already got so much melodica on my ears that at least it is really enough for me. However, I personally find the occasional (!) Use of the melodica still magical and fascinating. But if I perceive the children's instrument too often, it becomes banal for me and I don't feel like it anymore. Sorry, that's the way it is for me. Marcel Philipp is not alone in this.
If an album comes along with a really big name, Scientist, it must (in my world) inevitably compare with his "old" recordings. And now I realize that a Marcel Philipp, just like any other lone fighter, is not capable of magical musicians like Errol "Flabba" Holt / Lincoln "Style" Scott / Eric "Bingi Bunny" Lamont / Dwight Pinkney and the - for me - the best percussionist of all time to replace Noel "Skully" Simms. In addition, I occasionally (perhaps almost always) have a certain problem with the entire reggae timing. Somehow it still feels like that with the "old Jamaicans" - how should I put it (?) - exactly to the point (!). As if the heart is even more in the right place and best reproduces the original beat without the slightest ventricular fibrillation. Scientist can of course judge or feel much better than me whether the timing is right with Marcel Philipp or not. I can only say that the timing of the Roots Radics was more in line with my HeartBeatRiddimFeeling.
I don't know who woven the rhythm carpet for what, in my opinion, was the last great work by Scientist, but whoever it was put great, magical riddims on the floor. I have the DISC (vinyl .... yeah man !!!) at home. That should be written on the back. What slice, lemmi?

"Scientist meets Hempress Sativa" (In Dub ) !!! What I find particularly interesting is that it is the best Dub ge on the SuperDisc by Poalo Baldinidubbed was. But that is a very tight "decision" because I think it is DubOverall disc simply TOP CLASS !!!

The disc also has another decisive advantage. It was born in person and not just as an “intangible cultural heritage” and something like that gets a chance with me much more often than music that can be streamed everywhere for umme (as de Pälzer gently). With the large selection of music that is now available worldwide - also in terms of things Dub there - that belongs to a kind of natural selection for me. The time is limited somewhere here on earth and so I have to watch where I stay …………… ..

Well, sorry …… .. I didn't hit that stupid delete button and that's why the thing went out now …………………………. lemmi

Dear lemmi
I have to say: read your comments again and again with great pleasure and very often find links and tips that broaden your horizons and although I am no longer among the most recent Dubcan count on connoisseurs and lovers, I always find new things through you ... thank you, hopefully many more texts "without the delete key" ...

Greetz ……….

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