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Marcel-Philipp: Morning Sessions, Vol. 1 & 2


Dub tends to be rather dark music. Magical, mystical, metaphysical - deep and difficult. But how about the complete antithesis to our favorite sound: happy, lively, optimistic music that goes well with a sunny summer morning in the country? Here it is: Marcel-Philipp: "Morning Sessions Vol. 1" and "Morning Sessions Vol. 2" (Ashera Records). The young multi-instrumentalist from Baden-Wuerttemberg presents us with 24 so incredibly lively instrumentals, spread over two albums, that it is pure joy. Anyone who does not feel the sun rise while listening to the “Morning Sessions” must be an incorrigible misanthropist. Its sound reminds me of those Studio One recordings where Jackie Mittoo touched the keys and the groove just poured out. The organ also plays a leading role with Marcel-Philipp - directly after the melodica, the instrument that is inextricably linked with the name Augustus Pablo. The simplicity and childlike innocence inherent in its sound fit perfectly with the simple and therefore all the more beautiful melodies that Marcel-Philipp elicits from it. The arrangement of the instrumentals' up-tempo beats, which are mostly reminiscent of early reggae, is characterized by its simplicity. Anyone who wants to could consider this naive and under-complex. I, on the other hand, tend to just have fun with this thoroughly optimistic music.

Rating 5 stars

4 responses to "Marcel-Philipp: Morning Sessions, Vol. 1 & 2"

Really now? Well, I don't know what Jackie Mittoo, Augustus Pablo or Studio One should have to do with this one-dimensional music. I think of department stores and elevators.

Maybe I'll answer too quickly now because I haven't completely listened to it. If you click on the link, nothing happens. Soundcloud doesn't release anything either. But I'm a “computer freak” and somehow found it anyway.
I think so, mine DubTaste is quite different from Manfred, who is mainly into the "old things".
At first I didn't know what to understand by “one-dimensional”. When I listened, I first felt this positive mood, which is mainly created by the happy bass lines. But then I also noticed the “one-dimensionality”. Well, that's one of the things with the interpretation of this term. For me the one-dimensionality comes about because there is no Dubdimension there. Where is the room or space? I don't perceive reverb or echo. One could go back to the definition of Dub arguing but basically nothing is in your criticism Dub, but rather from lively instrumentals as an antithesis to our favorite sound. So now I'll say yes, I like the instrumentals and they also make me lively but as Dub is that clearly too good. It should be magical, mystical, metaphysical, deep and heavy so that I feel extremely elated. Police and government must be afraid of it, then is Dub only really good.

Dread, Beat and Dub …………………. lemmi

Hi Lemmi, I totally agree with you. This is not Dub. But it doesn't have to be. I think the music sounds very nicely hand-played, organic and complex. Maybe Marcel-Philipp will send one someday Dub-Version after ;-). As “one-dimensional” in the sense of functional music - as Manfred sees it - I don't perceive the morning sessions at all. Since the melodies are very simple and catchy, a cursory listen can give the impression of being too simple.


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