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mato is the great concept artist and eclecticist among them DubBern. After winning film soundtracks in 2016 Dub-Treatement, he picks up on his current album "Classical Dub" (Mato Production) of classical music. Another interesting concept, I think. I have to think immediately of Matthias Arfmann's brilliant Herbert von Karajan remixes “ReComposed” from 2005 and of course the two albums by opera singer Uly E. Neuens. As charming and brave as I find Matos classic concept - there are worlds between his album and the aforementioned. The big shortcoming "Classical Dub": Mato uses classical melodies, but builds very ordinary ones on their basis Dub-Cover versions. Apart from that, with “Schwanensee”, “Carmen” etc. he also makes use of the “Gassenhauer” classical repertoire rather superficially. Well, if the Arfmann and Neuens albums didn't exist, “Classical Dub“Better to get away from here, because his productions are perfectly crafted. But the better is the enemy of the good.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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01. Warm Up (T Blanchot)
02. Bath room Dub (JS. Bach)
03. Dance of the Knights Dub (S. Prokofiv)
04. So spoke Zarathustra Dub (R. Strauss)
05. Sarabande Dub (GF Haendel)
06. Nocturne in Eb Dub (F. Chopin)
07. Carmen Dub (G.Bizet)
08th Symphony N ° 3 Dub (J Brahms)
09. In the Hall Of The Mountain King Dub (E Grieg)
10. O Fortune Dub (C Orff)
11. The Swan Lake Dub (PI Tchaikovsky)

The titles show that Mato - like Uly E. Neuens in his EP “Op'Ra Dub"- the" hit parade of the classic "has pre-buttoned. Most of you will certainly know the originals and that is what makes Mato so attractive for me - from the known to the unknown. So far, the drummer and pecussionist Thomas Blanchot aka Mato has not disappointed me. Also his previous albums “Homework Dub”(Daft Punk) and“ Hollywoo Dub”(Film scores) are successful in my opinion and are always fun to listen to.

Uly E. Neuens made Carl Orff's “O Fortuna” from the brilliant Carmina Burana even more beautiful with his tenor singing, there is no question about that.

René, I agree with you, both Matthias Arfmann's ingenious Herbert von Karajan remixes “ReComposed” and Uly E. Neuen's two releases are unfortunately absolutely impossible for Mato.
Nevertheless, Matos' interpretations have not failed either. For me, Matos is “Classical Dub”Conclusive and puts you in the mood for more. Four stars are entirely appropriate and fair.
I still hope that Matthias Arfmann will “ReComposed
Part II ”brings to market.

In “Nocturne in Eb Dub (F. Chopin) “one can also hear goat / sheep tasting after 1:10 min. [s. Rainford - is fun Lemmi;.))) - as I said, a popular, dramaturgical means]

Stay tuned

Goats and sheep always have something to complain about.

In contrast to other things, I have nothing to complain about. I also feel like Mathias Arfmann, but basically you can't really compare the works with one another, I think. Arfmann sampled real classical orchestral recordings and put a very good groove underneath. Mato has played the classic "hit songs" again himself and completely dispensed with classical instruments such as violins and oboes etc. Could be unqualified now because I still don't know the album from FF. But overall I can see or hear a difference in the concept. But no matter whether Mato or Arfmann, you can tell what the classic versions have always been missing. They had rhythm too, but now they have RIDDIM and that appeals to me more than if they are as serious as the original.
The version of "Work It" with Missy Elliot blows my socks off. HipHop meets Reggae !!! I like it ……………… .. lemmi

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