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Mato, the great eclecticist among them DubBern changes the reference medium: Did he last deal with the Dub-Version of the Daft Punk classic "Homework" put between the chairs, so he turns with his new album "Hollywood Dub“Now to the movie. The concept: the soundtrack of classic films in Dub to translate. If you've always heard the theme songs from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, the Darth Vader theme from “Star Wars” or the love theme from “The Godfather” - or even the 20th Century Fox opening credits in Dub wanted to hear, is on Matos new album "Hollywood Dub“(Stix) found it. These are of course not real remixes, but completely newly recorded pieces based on solid reggae beats that are garnished with the melodies from the films and some borrowings from the original arrangement. Although Mato in the title of Dub speaks and doesn't skimp on reverb, echo and channel gadgets, the tracks seem more like good-humored instrumentals. The magical spatiotemporal dimension of Dub is completely absent. It is replaced by the virtuoso play with the musical quotations. Instead of gloomy basslines, Matos beats seem to bounce lively, while the famous film melodies are sometimes intoned with melodica, sometimes with organ, guitar, trumpet, synth or even harmonica. In every bar there seems to be a mischievous smile from Mato. He probably doesn't take the matter very seriously - although he uses absolute precision craftsmanship. Probably hardly a real one Dub-Friend to add the album to his / her favorites list, -but letting it run through on Sunday afternoon is absolutely appropriate.

Rating 4 stars

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"He probably doesn't take the matter very seriously ..."

And so with Fips Asmussen is Dub also only supermarket music came out.

Always - but especially when I am in agreement with you - I admire your ability to get the description of an album so precisely to the point.
I have from Mato here in yours first Dubblog heard something. I also got the “Daft Punk Dub - Disk “and on YouTube I was completely flashed by him.
For example, he took Missi Elliot's hip-hop tunes to the highest level with a juicy reggae riddim. There are probably around 10 records where he made hip-hop and pop songs audible for us reggae fans.
Even with the Hollywoo Dub - I didn't have to think twice about the disc You are right and I can understand Manfred too, if his enthusiasm is limited, but I still think the record is great. The riddims have a lot of flavor and listening to all the movie hits with a really good groove is more fun than the originals. Well, that would have been very difficult with “Apocalypse Now”, but he kept his hands off that.
I always try not to take things and myself too seriously, and that's why I can work with Hollywoo Dub amuse yourself deliciously. Especially with track 10 (?) I had to laugh really well. At first I was probably not that attentive and didn't even know which film I was in. Then a little pause, the last reverb was still vibrating a little in my head ......... .. Quiet ... .. and then the breath of Darth Vader !!! Gorgeous !!! In addition, a few comments from R2D2 and C3Po and finally the complaint from Tchoubakka (or similar) that died out. For me it is DUB in its purest form, because at Dub there are no limits (except bad riddims).

So I'm not that pure steppers type ..... I like all the gimmicks in Dub and that's why they are like me Dub - Discs like hollywoo Dub very welcome !

May the force be with you …………………… .. lemmi

I see it that way too. The following applies here: Anything that is fun is allowed.


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