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Mato: Homework Dub


The concept, well-known works of music history one Dub-Treatment seems to be very popular at the moment for many reasons: 1. The awareness of the original expands the target group of potential buyers. That's not bad. 2. Nothing is more difficult than starting "from Scratch". So a good template is a blessing. 3. You don't have to worry about good melodies, because the original comes from them. 4. Traditional of course Dub anyway as a remix. So what could be more obvious than an existing album dubben? 5. There is great music outside of reggae that has only one drawback: it lacks the reggae beat. With a DubVersion, this flaw can be easily remedied. 6. Playing with quotes has its own charm. Rediscovering familiar things in a different form triggers wonderful aha effects that release a small dose of dopamine. Whether the French Thomas Blanchot aka Mato ever analyzed his motivations cannot be clarified. But Dub- Remixes of well-known French hits from hip hop and pop have been his trademark for years. In the present case he has chosen the Daft Punk classic "Homework" dedicated and unceremoniously in "Homework Dub" (Stix) transformed. He went through every track meticulously, added a reggae beat and chased it through the echo chamber. Even the cover is a meticulous remake of the famous “Daft Punk” lettering embroidered in silk. Do I have to mention that the music of the French popper as Dub is simply great? "Around the World" with a fat bass and in a one-drop guise is just good. Also "Da Funk" comes perfect. It's hard to believe that these tunes, which sound so organic, so natural and natural here, haven't always been reggae numbers. But thanks to Mato, they are finally there, 17 years later.

Rating 5 stars

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