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Mato: Scary Dub

What did my cloudy eyes have to see? Hasn't there lately Colleague Wynands fobbed off Mato's new album with a ridiculous 3 stars and thus probably not only triggered gasping in me? This wonderful, new release "Scary Dub"(Styx Records) by the French miracle whirlpool Thomas Blanchot, who under his pseudonym Mato 1A-Reggae, -Dub, -Hip Hop and various remixes produced? So the man who came to terms with his Dub-Version of Daft Punk's "Homework“Into the collective Dub-Burned into memory? Yes, dear readers ... I can understand your outrage at this incredible misjudgment very well! I spontaneously give out a round of smelling salts or valerian drops (as needed) for everyone whose blood pressure is going crazy.

A paralysis later you have to say that Mato's Dub actually nothing for the original Dubheads is. There is not the pleasant one Dub- Intoxication - you know it: When the knees become weak and buckle easily; when the head involuntarily begins to nod to the rhythm and the acoustic world consists of a hypnotic, endlessly repetitive bassline and slow, heavy hits on the drums - and with Echo & Hall & other effects arsenal into the psychedelic dreamland where time leads then only consists of slowness. At least that's how it feels with me - let me know if you suspect a need for medical action.

No, Mato is more of a concept artist, storyteller, comic artist who translates 2 to 3-minute stories into acoustic gems. Or even the classical music or the soundtrack and everything perfectly produced & mixed - not for the big dance sound system, of course, but for the well-kept home system. Even the otherwise picky-critical reviewer doesn't find anything to complain about, which is a sensation in itself. However, in his new work, Mato has dealt with film music again; this time a bit narrower with the horror movie genre. There is practically everything represented that has rank and name - from Dracula, Frankenstein to Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully; we don't want to forget the great white shark and the thing from the swamp either. An album full of “Scary Dubs “just.

Each track is a comic in itself; the film melodies are immediately recognizable, the matching sound effects sensational: an eerie organ, screeching women, Christopher Lee's voice - "I am Dracula" is the best Dub-Entertainment:

Or how about that Dub-Version of the "Jaws" theme, i.e. the "great white shark"? The slowly swelling, then nervous, panic-spreading strings ... the memory of the late 70s is immediately there again:

I still have one: Michael Myers goes reggae in “Halloween Dub“… Uh… scaaary !!!

So this time Mato is making music for the SciFi / Horror / Splatter-Movie fans and of course for the children in the Dubheads. It's casual entertainment, light fare, well presented ... and I love it. I actually throw myself away every time I say the “Jaws Dub“Listen - and the album is currently playing in an endless loop!

That makes a total of easily 4 stars, colleague Wynands ... oh well, I'll add another half a star: The X-Files are currently running in Dub - "The truth is out there". Sooo scaaary !!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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I think it's pretty awesome and I've already made a note of it for (hopefully someday) upcoming sound system action.
If I find something to complain about now: fade-outs are not only the most boring end of a song, but also often too early. Quality Dubs are welcome to exceed the four minutes.

While I appreciate the brevity of the tracks, I also find that fade-outs are also in the Dub are no longer up-to-date and highly uncreative ... and with these Mato comics they are.
Hence only 4,5 stars from dubblog's gtk.

Everyone always should have a second chance ...
Thanks for that!
Many thanks for your kind words.
Happy to share the same "cultural memory-sounds perception" world!
Best regards !

Eene Meeene Miste, it rattles in the box. Eeene Meene Meck and you are gone …….

So I'm going to write my comment here. There are also more stars here ;-) …… ..

“I want to play a game” SAW is still missing in Mato's horror gallery. Anyway, the "thing" is also great fun!

So far, Mato has only disappointed me a little with his classical interpretations. Original instruments have to be at the start and not just hinted at with a keyboard. As here with, for example, “Draculas Dub". At first you think that good old Bach is doing the best again, but then things go really well.
(Was that overgrown Bach? I have no problem to come out as an ignorant banaus. I like to do the Slatko: "Who The Fuck Is William Shekespeare"?!)
The intro fits perfectly and it doesn't matter whether it's from Bach or whoever else, I've always liked the part.
I've also liked Mato since I got the first one Dub heard of him. It was he who brought "Daft Punk" to my listening level in the first place. "Who The Fuck Was Daft Punk". Since I am daft punk
Passing the backside, I didn't worry about it and simply enjoyed the essentials. THE RIDDIMS OF MATO !!! Also on the disc (!)
"HollwooDub“The riddims are really nice and crisp !!! And why should this be any different now ?! There is no reason for that. If something is good, it can stay that way. You don't have to change anything more. And even if Mato may not "spin around" as nicely as, for example, Bost and Bim on "Return Of The Monster" (or something like that), his are Dubs for me
wonderfully playful and full of gimmicks. He has enough reverb on the snare and the echoes make the gismos vibrate in my head. Its effects shine through the fantastic samples with film quotes from many of my favorite films. I will never forget the joy when Jubaka gave a little toast to the best, which then continued to echo in the vastness of the echo chambers to the edge of the universe. Then the small talk with R2D2 and C3Po ……… I am happy.
And there are so many wicked moans here from all the killers, monsters and mutations that are so wonderful in them Dubs have been woven into the fact that I don't need a film break.
I really enjoy it too!
And the riddims ?! I have to get a bit “weird” again ... They have - as usual with ReggaeRiddims - a fundamental medical effect! The riddims are so crisp and so firm that you could even fight cellulite with them …… .. That should also stimulate the perception of this "disc" and perhaps widen or enlarge the audience's horizons.

Now I almost missed my weekend (Friday 18:25 pm and I'm still here… ..) bye first ………………… lemmi

Yo gtkriz!

I had to leave the "objection" with Robbie Shakespeare open as a preliminary proposal.

And the "cellulite - treatment proposal" probably only "good people" cannot understand. They are sure to see some violations of the general “behavior rules” right away.

Greetings …………… lemmy

Many thanks for that nice third post! Like every artisan we sculpt our sound, we trying to mix our culture with new things or un-done, to try, to create, to make some thing new and then to share it.
After that long process if people are hit in their soul, you can thinks job is well done! And the artisan is so proud go back to his work to do new things.
Many thanks for giving me that kind of energy man!

Hello Mato! Its nice to have you here in this beautiful place!
I am not so proud to present my stumbling english but I want to tell you that I love your style. Especially your version of "Work It" with Missy Elliott is a special highlight for me! The "original" hip hop version is really good, but you made it
Boombastic !!! I love that Tune !!! (and many more) !!!

May the energy be with you! ………………. lemmi

Mega album, best Dub for a long time. Big Up, Mato! Reminds me a little of Dr. Dubenstein, conceptually. In any case, similarly awesome!

Good comparison, dr.div!

The title and the sound gimmicks remind me of "Scientist Presents: The Evil Curse of the Vampires" ... but that was "only" Dubs that were arbitrarily subordinated to the horror theme, so to speak.

Milestone none the less.


Thanks Dr Div! Big concept too! i do my best to feed our hearts and our soul,
So proud to may be achieved it when I read you.
Many thanks for the support!

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