Mato: Scary Dub

Mato is a real concept artist. It would never occur to him to just have a few nice ones Dubs and then put them on an album with a title like "Corona-Dubs “to pack. Never! With him you need a substantial topic, be it Hollywood film music, great classical music - or at least a daft punk masterpiece. Mato is always good for a surprise. So this time too: Once again he turned to film music, but with a genre orientation: "Scary Dub“(Stix Records). If you see the bloody lettering on the cover, you don't have to think twice: It's about horror films across the decades: from Dracula and Frankenstein to Exorcist and Halloween to the X-Files and the Mummy. A fun concept that allows wonderful samples. The only problem is that the horror genre is different z. B. the western didn't produce great and well-known soundtracks. Anyone who hopes for recognition effects and eerily cozy movie memories will inevitably be disappointed. So there remains the bare music. And there we are with a dozen light-footed tracks in typical Mato-style, without any real grip, but full of fun sample anecdotes. What a shame, because the concept-obsessed Frenchman builds imaginatively arranged ones Dubs and delivers a precise sound - qualities with which more could be achieved. My theory: As backings behind beautiful vocals, his music would be great. When Dub it is less good despite reverberation and echo.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Just because of the "Exorcist Themes" from Mike Oldfield's epoch-making Tubular Bells, Monsieur Blanchot has a stone in my head.

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