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My Dub Top 10 of 2010

1. Adrian Sherwood & Lee Perry: Dubputs
2. Alborosie: Dub Clash
3. Dubmatix: System shakedown
4. Lee Perry: Sound System Scratch
5. Hey-O-Hansen: We So Horny
6. Various: Evolution Of Dub Flight. 5
7. Dubblestandart: Marijuana Dreams
8. Dubkasm: Transformed in Dub
9. Various: Jahtarian Dubbers, Vol. 2
10.  Various: Shatter The Hotel

4 replies to “Mine Dub Top 10 of 2010 "

Thanks for the tip. I just listened to the album and I like it a lot. However, the singing is a minor weak point. But the rhythms are all the better. Bass music!


Hey Lothar,
real nice top 10 DUB charts of 2010 !!!
Only the No. 10 doesn't tell me (yet) anything.
Check out the SCHOLARS WORD - DUB COLLECTION and also the BLUE RIDDIM BAND - TRIBUTE. Is available exclusively from; they are currently in the soundfiles section # 1 to listen to.


nuff said

de governor

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