My Dub-Top Ten 2015

  1. Aldubb: A Timescale of Creation - Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor
  2. Zion Train: Land of the Blind
  3. Blundetto: World of Dub
  4. Vibration Lab: Brass Plant EP
  5. Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub
  6. International Observer: Touched
  7. Detroit Boys: Sexy Jamaicans
  8. Imhotep: Kheper Dub
  9. Umberto Echo: The name of the Dub
  10. Dubvisionist: DV IV

One response to "Mine Dub-Top Ten 2015 "

Basically I would like to write down my top 10 list here, but then I would have to read the fine print on the covers everywhere and I am too lazy for that. But since I “don't agree at all” with your list ;-) I have to let go of at least a bit of mustard here too. Above all, I cannot understand that Umberto Echo is so far behind. Well, at least he's in the top 10 and you just had to decide. But to create a little contrast and to keep it going to be fantastic Dub- To motivate albums, I'll put him at number 1 !!!
Alone, the Pull Up Selecter - mega Dub-Board earned a Grammy. There will Dubstep down to a small stylistic instrument (it can't be more than that) and goes wonderfully into the overpowering (I am inclined to say the almighty) Dubfoundation over. No eye stays dry. It's fantastic how the piece also quilts at the end. That's how I like steppas! Not minimalist but bombastic !!! But that's not the only reason I think the disc is top class. Everyone else too Dubs have a very good groove and an excellent sound.
As I said, I am too lazy to have a look, but as far as I know I should actually have "Hard Food" from Dub Syndicate still be number one. But in the spirit of Umberto Echo we are postponing the release from Dub Syndicate now after 2014 ………

Well, otherwise your top ten list is fine ;-) …………………………. lemmi

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