My Dub-Top Ten 2017

1. Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System: Super Ape Returns to Conquer
2. Mad Professor Meets Jah9: In the midst of the storm
3. Irievibrations: Dub Station
4. International Observer: Escape From the Dungeons of Dub
5. Various: King Size Dub - Reggae Germany Downtown - Chapter 3
6. Zion Train: versions
7. Riddim Research Lab: Research program # 1
8. Dub'Ozone: From root to roots Dub
9. Violin Bwoy: Død
10. The Frightnrs: More to Say Versions

2 replies to “Mine Dub-Top Ten 2017 "

When I drove to work today I thought ……. mmmmmmmmmmmmh, you don't have to go straight back to work as if there was no tomorrow. It would be nice if Rene´ put his top 17 list online. And as I see, you can rely on Rene ;-)
Not only because of that, but because his list ...... oh I'm writing to you personally again ....
because your list is simply RIGHT.
Above all, I would have listed the top 3 in exactly the same way. The Observer ep was somehow not new enough to me. There were already the remixes and the associated remixes on his numerous previous albums or have I mixed up something?
To the Dub I somehow didn't find Ozone at all, but I like The Frightnrs (available on Irie Rec. As vinyl) 100%. Although the Dubs sound like King Tubby had risen again, I have to say that he would have been in absolute best form here if he had been. Really cool stuff that! In my opinion you could have celebrated this disc here. So I wondered why you wrote "instead" about the nephew of "Depri-Omega". Oh man, that sounds like that again ...

……. "Friendly as a hand grenade" ………………… .. lemmi

My motto should be, "What do I care about my chatter from yesterday"!

It is currently running Dub Ozone relaxed through here and I'm thrilled! It's great Dub !

It didn’t work for me at the fast run, but right now it’s great!

Ok, for 2018 I am now resolving not to start pounding when a louse is on my liver somewhere. I'm not particularly optimistic about that ;-)

Greetings ………… Lemmi

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