Mellow Mood & Paolo Baldini DubFiles: Manana Dub

Opinions may differ on Mellow Mood – the Italian “en vogue” reggae combo with the dreadlocks twins on the mics: some find it too much dancehall, others too much roots and then there are those who love patois-singing prosperity consider Europeans to be extremely embarrassing. Fortunately, Mellow Mood only interests us peripherally here, because it's actually primarily about Paul Baldini, who plays a leading role in all of the band's productions as producer, sound engineer and mix master.

There is no longer any need to say big words about Baldini – his productions for various artists are generally of high quality; but he can really shine with his Dub-Mixes: These are musical battering rams whose punch subjects the speaker membranes to a breaking point. There's a hunt Dub-Effect the other; between echo and reverberation attacks it squeaks and bubbles, it's a joy.

Of course, this also applies to Mellow Mood's current release "Morning Dub", which Baldini in contrast to the extremely compressed-sounding vocal album "Morning“ sounds wonderfully bass-heavy: It must be so saturated and dynamic at the same time Dub sound 2023.

That would be the “Mañana DubActually a contender for a 5 star review, if… yes, if there wasn't a desire for a bit more modern sounds. Mellow Mood and producer Baldini don't show themselves to be particularly willing to experiment here, see/listen to the drum and percussion samples or the synth sounds. That may be complaining at a high level - but it should show that there is still a little room for improvement.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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More power! This is how I would tell the difference between the original Mellow Mood album and the Dub- Define version of Paolo Baldini. It's crazy what he gets out of the bass here in particular. The Dubs are more present and aggressive than the original versions, in which a lot of emphasis was placed on harmonies. For me a contender for the top list 2023.

Unfortunately, the vinyl will not be released until October. I'm afraid by then I'll have listened to the album digitally so many times that the record will disappear from the shelves.

In the Release Radar I wanted to write under the comment from Claas that Paolo Baldini - for my taste - didn't do it so well this time, out of the ( I'm writing that very quietly now .... pssst ) somewhat limp riddims by Mellow Mood a powerful one Dubto produce an album. But I was able to control myself and kept my bad vibes to myself.
Now you write everything down in the review much better than I thought it would. (It's also your part-time job ;-) ). For us (or at least not for me) it's not about Mellow Mood, it's about Paolo Baldini!
"There's a hunt Dub-Effect the other; between echo and hall attacks it squeaks and bubbles, it's a joy."
To me that is the essence of your review and the entire album. I actually have nothing against synthesizers that are not only used in Dub, provide an additional fluffy atmosphere but if we mean the same thing by synth sounds, then you speak to me from the heart on this point too. It's exactly these synth sounds that irritate me a bit with so many ODG productions. It just sounds a bit too artificial or just too harsh, although I don't always find harshness that dismissive. I also think that you criticize the “lack of” willingness to experiment (for me that only exists with Mellow Mood) hits the nail on the head. Paolo Baldini tinkers and tinkers with so much joy on everything that can be moved on the mixing desk and beyond that I can't imagine a Christmas tree that could be better decorated than his Dubs. You can also admire and marvel at the video, where he is doing his magic live and direct, in full. I'm heartbroken. Music becomes a cosmic experience, if not a revelation, if you have the necessary intelligence. Ordinary citizens (such as all my colleagues, for example) have no synapses for this. Well, we still like each other very much and I don't mean it too seriously.
I also think I underestimate Mellow Mood. At least the tune with the Emeterians is well done, which is mainly due to the young lady's melodious voice, if I'm not mistaken. I also have complete albums by the Emeterians ( ok, I think it's only one ), where the singing is overdone for long stretches, but that's just a side note.
So yes, my first impression of this disc (there will be one "soon" after all) is now a little more in the right – no, in the right – light thanks to the review
been moved and I am sure that in the end I will not be able to avoid a purchase.

So long………………… lemmi

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