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Miniman! How nice that it still exists. My first album by the Frenchman dates from 2002, the second from 2006, then the last from 2012. And I had completely contrary opinions about all of the albums. While the first album was good in my eyes, I wrote a nasty slap on the second, only to praise the third over the clover. Is that due to the change in my taste or the changing quality in the work of Roland Rougé, aka. Miniman? A short Spotify and iTunes research confirms: Minimans Dubs alternate between superb and excruciatingly boring. So let's listen to his new work with an open mind: "Inside“(Miniman). Steppers echoes towards us, completely orthodox. In a way, the ideal of Dub current French issue. However, that doesn't deserve any praise. As with every work of art, it depends on the (unfortunately, individually different) mixture of the familiar and the new: Only so much familiar that the recipient can orientate himself well and feel solid ground under his feet. Too much of it and things get boring. And then: just so much new that interest and curiosity are aroused. Too much of it leads to excessive demands, understanding is impossible and the recipient switches off. But what is the right mixing ratio? A novice and a connoisseur have quite different demands. In any case, Miniman is not a great fan of refinement. He prefers to stick to the tried and tested and risk - yes - boredom. And yet: he escapes boredom quite skillfully on some tracks with the help of a small, fine melody or an unusual arrangement in the mix. Therefore, the album just misses the mark and I get the verdict: absolutely acceptable.

Rating 3 stars

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Actually, I wanted to spare you my excessive comments, but unfortunately that is not possible.
Basically I come with the "instrumentation" of HomegrownDub not so very clear. So here, too, I find the sound from the keyboard sometimes more annoying than stimulating. I also miss the reverb on the snare all too often and I haven't heard the percussion enough, but you really can't tear this record off.
It starts off really well with “Mystically”. That's probably because it's not a steppas. No, basically I like steppas too, but it shouldn't come off too stupid. In my opinion, the French are better at it. To compare it with football, there is a bit more imagination, while with the English it still sounds like “kick and rush”.
I think the title is really greatDub "Inside". That finally prompted me to penetrate you again with a comment. Again, no steppas, but compared to steppas you notice here (at least that's how I notice it) that the riddim has a much greater leverage. “The biggest is Dubbes power when he creates with the lever ”. Yes, and speaking of Kraft, I have to mention that the sound of the bass is both on "Inside" and on most of the others Dubs makes really big eggs on this disc.
Well, and big eggs really only bother me when riding my bike, otherwise you feel quite overpowering.
I could have made it very brief by writing:

The disc is very acceptable.

But I'm only minimalist when it comes to work ;-) ……………………… lemmi

Not finished yet - but during the lunch break I listened briefly with the (not so bad) iPhone plugs.
I like “Mystically” very much! Find the sound clearly structured except for the drums and the instrumentation and the timbres refreshing at first. The drums are missing the finishing touches, but I don't know how to do it better - fitting the sound image - without taking the whole track out of the atmosphere. Stay on the phone, I'd like to hear that again.
“Praises To The King” falls away. The harmonies are nothing new, the choir (?) Samples seem a bit “clapped”, I don't know how to express it better.
"Dub Core “makes me grin again. Great bass and nice gimmicks "on top". In this context, I don't know if the instruments are real, the part fits well in a steppers set.
"Different Way" packs in cliché-laden lyrics, at least without any fake patois. Sure, but I don't have to hear it a second time.
I still got as far as “Inside”, I agree with the previous speaker, lemmi, on all points. The organ line could use a little more space, with the DubStep-like bass synths also work.

The rest of that I'll pull in tonight :)

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