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Mishmash Vol 1


Alpha & Omega have released a new album: The Half That's Never Been Told (Steppas Records). I don't know anyone Dub-Act that's been productive for so many years, like Alpha & Omega. But not only that: they have been so true to their style for around 25 years that it is difficult to distinguish between new albums and re-releases. The Half That's Neve Been Told makes no exceptions: heavy bass, dark rumbling, monotonous - just the way we love it.


resonators have their album The Constant DubVersion and this together with the original album on a Deluxe Edition (Wah Wah 45s) packed. I already loved the vocal versions. The Dubs make me feel good now.


I've never had from Dub for Light heard, but the new album Mindset (Dan Dada) then I noticed. Rarely so minimalist Dub belongs. Certainly not my favorite album, but it is definitely an exciting listening experience.


Not only the son of Augustus Pablo does Dubs, also the son of Jah Shaka, young warrior, is in the Dub-Business. For his sound system he has produced several tracks, 6 of which are now instrumentals plus Dub-Versions on the album Presents Dub Box (Jah Shaka) released can be heard. Of course, hardcore steppers, as usual from the father. However, these are quite simple, digital productions that sound like they were recorded in a tin can. In the sound system this is clear, but not on the home hi-fi.


If more digital Dub, then rather like on the album Mangrove Meets Ganjaman_72 in 5-Track Digital Dub Flight. 1 (Fast Forward Sound). Here, the 8-bit sound à la Jahtari is deliberately played - in a virtuoso manner. The album, the Ganjaman_5, offers 72 tracks by Mangrove in the best Shwocase style DubVersions. Nice.


As you can often read in the blog: I'm a big, big fan of Prince Fatty. In his row Prince Fatty vs. he now competes against Mungo's Hi Fi (= Prince Fatty vs. Mongo's Hi Fi (Mr. Bongo)). What fun! Not much with me Dub To do, it's still a terrific old-school album in the style of the digital dancehall of the early 1990s. Absolutely suitable for those times Dub-Blow bass debris out of your ears.


Where we are currently with non-Dub-Albums are: Chronixx Debut Dread & Terrible I really like (Chronixx Music). Has an irresistible old school charm and also offers three nice ones Dubs.


So, I still have one: Various Artists: Dub Tentacles, Vol. 5 (Fresh Poulp). After the last, rather Dubstep-oriented Dub- Tentacles Vol. 4, the net label is now 100% again Dub returned. That's right! With the exception of Du3normal, everyone is gathered here for me Dub-Acts unknown, but I still like their sound. The sampler offers nothing exciting new, but is still worth listening to - especially since it is available for download free of charge:

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