Mouflon Dub Sound system: Moc

Look to Poland. It's getting better there too Dub produced – albeit mostly under the radar. There's Muflon Man, a tinkerer and producer who's been into reggae and Dub composed. In 2005 he was on the then leading sampler series “Roots of Dub radio" to hear. He is now known as a muflon Dub Sound system at Dubophonic landed and there with "Moc“ (Dubophonic) released a beautiful showcase album consisting of five riddims, each of which can be heard in two versions. Still, "Showcase" is a bit of an exaggeration here, as the vocal versions are pretty close too Dub built. The - mostly female - vocals sound rather sporadic and hardly manage to assert themselves against the backing. Nevertheless, some beautiful melodies ring out here in the form of Christian-inspired Polish sung lyrics. All very relaxed, harmonious, warm and uplifting with pulsating bass lines, classic ones Dub-Effects and a maximally clean production.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

One Response to “Muflon Dub Sound system: Moc"

I want the many DubProducers (who don't really reach me) don't take the wind out of their sails. I don't want to discourage you from continuing but I'm so sorry because the riddims here feel like the combination 0815. It just drips off me too much.

I don't know where this is going to lead. if Dub even on old ones DubConnoisseurs like me, where should the journey from Dub still go? Or does it get better because of that, because old bones like me don't have any or only rarely new ones DubFind highlights that match the decades-old SuperDubs ( from Jamaican origin ) can still keep up to a certain extent. Sounds "dramatic" but hopefully it's not so wild if these 0815 riddims can still trigger a certain fascination with the youngest generation. To me, they don't stand up to comparison, which is why I yawn all too often. Hopefully it's just my perception.

This muflon Dubs (I'm exaggerating here again quite a bit) unfortunately also create a world of thoughts in me that I don't necessarily find beautiful and certainly not healthy.
In many countries where particularly narrow-minded old hands are in power, there is even something like a Shariah police force that, among other things, makes sure that everyone practices their faith as Shariah prescribes. Against this background, my idea of ​​a “RiddimPolice for DubMusic" rather "narrow" before.

As long as ………………. lemmi

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