Mystic Fyah: Dynamite EP Remixes

Mystic Fyah is a sound system from Lisbon, consisting of three types (Baresi, Dubio, Tito) and some impressive speaker towers. The Sound System has existed since 2007, but the trio seems to have entered the production business only in 2015. Since then it has had a controlled, well-measured output - as befits a sound system - in Steppers style. But then last year the "Dynamite EP" came out with seven tracks that suddenly sounded deeper and darker and openly played with borrowings from minimal techno. Now the reworking of the EP with the unimaginative title "Dynamite EP Remixes' and goes one step further. Frank DubLin, Smalltondubz, skruff, Dub Troubles and Stillhead laid hands on four of the titles, pushing them even further towards darkness. I was inevitably reminded of Rhythm and Sound as I listened - those two Dub-Techno pioneers from Basic Channel whose music I highly celebrated 20 years ago. But compared to their rigorous minimalism, Mystic Fyah's music is a cornucopia of ideas, sounds and melodies. Who the rich uptempo Dub-like the sound of historical, hand-played analogue recordings, Mystic Fyah will probably insinuate stupid repetition anyway. But I love this magical, minimal, hypnotic Mystic Fyah sound, which acts like a meditation mantra on the eardrums and brain and in which every note, every echo and, above all, every pause between the slow beats counts. The listening experience is like diving into a slow-motion underwater world, weightless and (deep) intoxicating.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

One Response to “Mystic Fyah: Dynamite EP Remixes”

This is not meant to be a criticism Dubbecome a blog. But the fact that in the recent past EPs have been discussed more often than in the past makes me suspect that it is now really becoming rarer with the “rich uptempo Dub-Sounds, historical, hand-played analog recordings". At the same time, the production of “homemade psy Dub“ To grow into the unmanageable and immeasurable. For me, for example, this leads to a certain indifference towards new ones DubProductions that adhere particularly to the scheme of rhythm and instrument minimalism.
Here, too, with these Ep remixes, my "dilemma" becomes very clear. What I like here are the synthesizers hovering over the limp riddims - wisps of vapor that settle here over the entire EP and for me an acceptable, habitable Dubcreate atmosphere. So I have a nice one Dubcrazy in my head but apart from that the whole rhythm structure just doesn't compare to The ORIGINAL DUBMUSIC stood. At a Dub ( Traveling - Smalltown mix ... ) there is way too much singing for me and unfortunately it is not treated as "arrogantly" as it should be Dub actually heard.
In any case, I would have to shift down at least 4 to 5 gears to be able to muster even a remote feeling of ecstasy for these riddims. I "grew up" with the almighty Riddims from Jamaica and the Riddims with a migration background from Great Britain and above all I was also influenced. During this time, rhythms and riddims emerged, which fueled my enthusiasm and my euphoria for reggae and Dub lifted from the cradle. And I feel immensely sorry for all those who are now trying to reach my innermost being with their extremely limited access to this kind of creativity. Like I said, we've had the privilege of living in a time where people like STYLE SCOTT, ERROL FLABBA HOLT, CARLTON and ASTON BARRETT, SLY DUNBAR and ROBBIE SHAKESPEAR, ASWAD, STEEL PULSE, MISTY IN ROOTS, BLACK UHURU, and - come on, the list is very, very long - to have delivered such powerful music that has inspired people from every corner of the earth to try the same.
Unfortunately, these people don't really live forever (even if they live on in our hearts and ... blablabla) and I have to and can do very well with all that life
left these musically blessed heroes for posterity. I just always ask for your understanding when the "IT - Dubproducers” can only rarely, if at all, reach and inspire me. In a way, they “fight” against nature, against creation, and above all they compete against musicians against whom they don't have the slightest chance. The background is simply missing. A background that is not desirable for anyone. 400 Years of Slavery! But above all, a primeval, genetically determined rhythm and understanding of music.
So I really don't want to talk about this "new" DubBlasphemy music but I'm over the many years I've been reggae and Dub just enjoy being spoiled.
But I don't want that either Dubmusic is produced more. Just keep going, but I beg your indulgence if I prefer mainly rich, hand-played,
Uptempo analogue recordings (especially “BlackTempo”) Dub-sound inhale.

yes my dears DubFriends, a certain tiredness is spreading in me at the moment. Basically, I would prefer it if there were only one more Dubgive a disc a month, but then it really blows my mind. the DubBlog is great. For me the best thing I've found on the internet but I'll get to all of them Dubpublications no longer afterwards. Since the DubBlog is not only there for me, please keep it up, but I have to admit that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to find the good wheat, let alone the rye, among all the chaff and to separate it from the rest.
It's like everything. If there is too much of it, the fascination falls by the wayside. An alien is certainly a sensation, but 7 billion can then become annoying again …………………

Do not worry ! Yesterday I only had “all day” again DubMusic belongs to ……………………. lemmi

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