Nachur: Cicada Sessions

Okay, okay, the hottest shit is the 2013 album "Nachur: Cicada Sessions“Actually not. But one of the more interesting ones I've recently rediscovered in my archive. At the beginning of 2012, two multi-instrumentalists, the New Zealander Isaac Chambers (production, programming, sampling, recording, keyboards, percussion) and the Canadian Prosad (sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, bansuri, melodica, keyboards, percussion) set out to share their unique ideas and influences and combining diverse skills to create live electronica. The two protagonists quickly put together a temporary studio in an old bus. Then they drove to New Zealand's "Abel Tasman National Park" with a view of the ocean and began to compose their songs. The resulting "Cicada Sessions" apparently derive their name from the cicadas. Anyone who has heard cicadas in a pine forest in the south of France on a summer's day can vividly imagine the noises. That is why the album was only produced at night. The recordings began at sunset and mostly lasted until sunrise. Many other sounds of nature, including the cicadas, found their way onto the EP, which was unfortunately a bit too short. If it were up to me, the album might as well be twice as long and I still wouldn't be bored. Many of the solos were recorded in a single take and no overs at alldubs subjected.
Inspired by Dub, Roots, Jazz & Downbeat Electronica, "Nachur" (pronounced Nature) merges modern digital productions with earthy analog sounds. The songs become soulful Dub-Elements such as delay and reverb combined, creating deep atmospheric soundscapes. Electronic beats and reggae basslines are weightlessly interwoven with sitar, guitar, bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), didgeridoo and melodica. Epic guitar solos, reminiscent of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, are arranged with Eastern sitar and indigenous instruments to take the listener on a true sound journey.
The goal of the "Nachur" project was to simply create music that conveys positivity and deep respect for nature. The result can be heard, because the result is an optimistic and stimulating sound work.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Right now I feel like the “cockroach” from “Men In Black”, who urgently needed some sugar water and when his wife (widow) poured sugar into his glass, always after “MORE!
MORE! MÄÄÄÄHR! ”Demanded. I also “want” more, a lot more of these really fine ones Dubs or instrumentals. When I'm too tired, like today, after we had to endure this inhuman time change, I'm always very light on the water. I could then, in principle, whine and cry all day. Well, these three SuperSnax are nothing to howl. Instead, I have tingling goose bumps all over my body, because the instrumentation and especially the guitar (s) in combination with the other instruments are a relief for my temporally displaced mind. Really really fine material and you notice again how infinitely great reggae / Dub Universe must be when such treasures in archives and other treasure chests run the risk of being completely forgotten for years.
How good that you checked again Ras Vorbei ;-)

I have now transferred them to “my” (“spotifeis”) archive ....................................................... lemmi

(Next time, I won't let myself do that anymore. Then I myself set the time on Mondays from 15 p.m. to 16 p.m. !!! And then I set the winter time from Sunday to Monday in the middle of the night from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m. )

Lemmi, I still can't do anything with this daylight saving time change either. As far as I am concerned, they could finally return to normal Central European time.

Unfortunately Nachur has not made another album. So the “Cicada Sessions” will most likely remain unique. And what a ...
But there is an album by Prosad solo, which I also like very much.

But I have to say that I've loved the Indian sitar since I saw Ravi Shankar play live with Alla Rakha in the early 1970s. This whirring sound of the sitar in combination with tabla still blows me away.

I have loved the Indian sitar since "Ravi Shankar" dated Dub Syndicate ;-)

For me it is also a very psychoactive instrument, although you can certainly play any instrument in a psychedelic way. But the Indians have always allowed more and more supernatural, rationally not always comprehensible phenomena to flow into their everyday life in their culture. You allow it! We only work here. We work football, we work music, we work for fun, excitement and joy, we live to work, to function and to have stress. (I'm still tired ;-))
That's why we don't get any magic BassLines here.
Its got to be "The Flabba Holt Groove Moove" …………. ;-) ………… .. SPACE!

“Just have to save the world for a moment” …………… .. lemmi

Correct lemmi, Ravi Shankar Pt. 1 from the “Tunes From The Missing Channel”, the “Classic Selection Vol. 1” or the “Research And Development” in the Rootsman Mix, which I had completely forgotten. ON .U Sound rules for ever and ever.

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