New Blade Runners of Dub

Here we have a promising collaboration between Paul Zasky and Jed Smith. The names mean nothing to you? Paul Zasky is the mastermind of Dubble standard. He lives in Vienna and Los Angeles. In the latter city he apparently met Jed Smith, who has been working as a film musician and composer since 1999. He wrote the music for the films, among other things Alita: Battle Angel, Terminator: Redemption, Deadpool and Knives Out. The two now have the album "New Blade Runners of Dub(Echo Beach) released — though just now Blade Runner is not on Smith's list. Okay, you guessed it, right? The Blade Runners aren't giving us one Dub! Instead we hear unclassifiable compositions that sometimes sound like ambient, sometimes like industrial, but always like film scores. An interesting listening experience, complex and multi-layered - an acoustic journey through space and time. A bit dark and occasionally a bit cerebral. Who with the expectation "Dub' encounters the album will inevitably be disappointed, although the music is by no means bad. But I'm curious how Echo Beach will succeed, the work outside of the Dub-Community to market.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Interesting, but really not my thing. I don't like it at all. A further proof that the quality of Echo Beach releases is seriously declining.

So for me the album is quite interesting.
For me it's not always a valid argument, but when the "nine" doors of a mixing console are so wide open that one can almost speak of an "open day", then I'm happy to be there.
For example, there is “Europe again” (remix by Beta Fish)! I would have put it at the beginning of that and probably every other album as it sounds to me like a fantastic intro sampling some natural phenomena, especially from interstellar space. Well-placed feature film samples from dialogues or mind games have always been typical for me and, above all, very welcome DubElement, even if the riddim tends towards Ambient or Industrial. If I remember correctly, the ( for me ) legendary Revolutionary Dub Warriors by On .U-Sound Imperium also compared a bit to "Industrial". Personally, I don't really know, or don't know at all, what is meant by Industrial but the Revolutionary Dub Mentioning Warriors and On .U Sound again and again gives me a very special kick ;-) ......
And in this context, I am particularly happy about "the laughter" or the laughter of Prince "King Cry Cry" Far I. "Wadada Wadada" says hello. That voice and laughter alone is pure aggroDub at its finest. By the way, I find the version of Dubblestandart to this Dub Syndicate classics are also awesome, because the version samples Prince Far I's laughter even more and also comes around the corner with a nice "heavy metal guitar" without the Dub even in the slightest danger of sounding heavy metal. O=k, you notice again where my heart actually beats, because I'm talking more about my very special one again DubUniverse than to write something about the New Blade Runners. But it's also the diversity of this album that reminds me of On .U Sound again. Ok ok for this comment I wrote On .U Sound for the last time ( I hope, for those who can't follow me ).
Ale X also has a pretty awesome remix of “Virus” here Dub“ Delivered although I find the “breathy” snare sound pretty pathetic. Sounds to me again like the blatant weakness of a computer program to produce a good reverb effect. Or the producer likes it. It doesn't matter, since the rest of the DubIf it fits well, I tolerate it for myself.
Oh, what the heck. I like the album ! I would buy a copy from Echo Beach, even if I never, ever, ever listen to “solitary confinement” ( what a nasty “snare sound” and the riddim doesn't do me any good either) or this completely screwed up version of “Chrome Optimism”. would like.

"Heheheheä Wadada Wadada" ( Wadada means Love ) LOVE LOVE ... LOVE" .... Echo and out…………………………………….. lemmi

If possible, I don't want to take myself too seriously. But I don't like what I wrote about the "breathy snare sound" on Ale X. The snare sound is 1A, but I noticed a small and yet quite insignificant additional effect, which sounds to me like a carpet being scrubbed with a brush or something is sucking in secondary air. Maybe there was just a small louse sitting on my liver again and it caused me certain noises in my ears. Of the Dub is GEI el !!!

As long as ………………. lemmi

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