Overproof sound system: Pull It Up

Incredible, but the hit tune "Watch What You Put Inna" by the Overproof sound system from Birmingham is now ten (!) Years old. The corresponding first album nine years! In this sense, it was time to add a new work. Despite the long time lag, “Pull It Up” follows on from the debut - it was done again in the Elephant House Studio under the watchful eye of Groove Corporation produced. A colorful mixture of 16 pieces has emerged from it, most of which are normal songs, among which there are a few Dubs or instrumentals. It may be a matter of taste, but I am of the opinion that the singers Messenger Douglas and Juggla just don't have it right, at least the singing of the two reminds me too much of soccer choirs (now a little exaggerated) and the Melodies of their songs are too simple for me. That's even more annoying as I do DubI think s and instrumentals (fantastic: “War Must Cease”) are really good. Okay, especially in the second half of the album the songs get better, like z. B. "Unity" or "No Matter". But since I basically don't listen to individual songs, but rather understand each album (even sampler) as an indivisible unit, songs like "Jump Up" or "Fire" that are called rather than sung destroy the overall experience too much.

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