Pablo Raster: Forever Dub


Okay, a dose of steppers needs to be from time to time. This one is administered by Pablo Raster, who wrote his new album "Forever Dub“(Elastica) presents. Everything is here, as from last year's predecessor “The Art of Dub“Used to: brutalistic bass lines, military four to the floor drums and minimalistic melodies. Actually exactly the right mix for a proper sound system clash, if, yes, if there weren't always the vocal passages. Pablo brought a number of guests into the studio, like z. B. Antz-oni Rubio, who sings in Spanish, or Zaira Zen, Marcello Coleman and Fikir Amlak. Maybe I'm applying the wrong standard here, but the songs are too simple for me and the melodies don't convince me. I like the guest musicians much better, like z. B. Balkansdubwho play beautiful accordion harmonies, or Luigi Leoni and Alessandro Musco who deliver beautiful saxophone and guitar solos. But Pablo Raster is best when he just beats us drum & bass around the ears.

Rating 3 stars

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