Paolo Baldini DubFiles Meets Dan I & Imperial Sound Army: Dolomite Rockers

Again something new from Paolo Baldini. In March the Echo Beach retrospective, then, a few weeks ago, that Dubblestandart remix album "Dub Me Crazy "and now with a big crescendo: Paolo Baldini DubFiles Meets Dan I & Imperial Sound Army: "Dolomite Rockers" (La Tempesta Dub). As long as the name and title, so bold the album: 22 tracks in showcase style, produced and recorded by the two Italians Paolo Baldini and Dan I in the Alambic Conspiracy Studio at the foot of the Alps. Dan I, who I remember mainly from his collaboration with Alpha & Omega, mainly contributes the vocals, Baldini the rest. The sound is heavyweight steppers, uncompromising and full of energy. Clever arrangements, smart mixing and a very animated atmosphere in general ensure that negative steppers clichés are widely avoided. So can be more contemporary Dub sound! Okay, Dan Is vocals aren't overly inspired, but they never have the responsibility to carry a whole piece here. Usually they are integrated harmoniously into the overall sound. But I suspect it was his influence that drew Baldini to the dark side of the stepper. Compared to Baldini's earlier productions, “Dolomite Rockers” is harder, darker and more powerful. I like that very much. With Akae Beka, Fikir Amlak, and Benji Revelation, there are also three guest vocalists who fit perfectly with the new Baldini sound. It's also very cool that this urban one Dub-Sound was created in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe - the home of the two musicians. I think it's even cooler to dedicate the album title to her.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Unfortunately our internet provider had a technical problem, which is why all comments from Friday have been lost. What a shame. It was a nice discussion.


Well, at the moment one release after the other is blowing in… I can't keep up with listening and enjoying… Alpha Stepper, Alpha & Omega, Paolo Baldini, Hazer Baba, OBF, Jah Sun, Long Beach Dub Allstars (to name just a few on my list) ... and there is definitely other music besides in my life Dub... high time that the summer slump came! ;)

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