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Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubble standard: Dub Me crazy

Paolo Baldini has been heard a lot lately. The Italian reggae and DubProducer seems to be on its way. He recently released a long player every year and was involved in numerous remix projects. It wasn't until March that Echo Beach published a retrospective of its first band, the BR Stylers. Now comes the second trick from the same house: Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Dubblestandart, "Dub Me crazy“(Echo Beach). Vienna meets Pordenone: Dubblestandart - your own mark Dub-Producers - puts the oeuvre of the band in Baldini's hands to get out of the Dubs more Dublet s do it. I think it works pretty well. The Italian knows his trade and delivers wonderfully creatively mixed dishes Dubs off. However, you have to get the dry, somewhat brittle sound of Dublike blestandart in order to be able to properly appreciate the remixes. On.U-Sound and that Dub Greetings from Syndicate. In any case, Baldini goes to work very old school: pure mixing, no overdubbs or new beats. There Dubblestandart are known as remix enthusiasts and most of their productions have already gone through a wide variety of products Dub-Wolves were turned and chased through echo chambers (I only remember tracks like "Chrome Optimism" or "Holding you Close" for which complete remix albums exist), it should not have been easy for Paolo Baldini to find new tracks Aspects to be won. It's amazing that he managed it so well anyway. I'm excited to see who will be able to remix next.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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