Paolo Baldini DubFiles Meets Noiseshaper: Shaping the Noise

(This text has been machine translated.) I've always suspected that the sound of Rockers HiFi is timeless. Around twenty years ago it was at least 20 years ahead of its time. That's why Paolo Baldini sounds DubFiles Meets Noiseshaper: "Shaping the noise“(Echo Beach) so fresh today. As if the album had just been recorded. Which it is - just with old recordings. Ha, the newbies are confused. Here comes the answer: Behind the name Noiseshaper are the Viennese boys Axel Hirn and Florian Fleischmann, who did their apprenticeship at Rockers HiFi in the 1990s and who themselves produced fantastic “housey downbeats with a fat reggae flavor” at the beginning of the current millennium brought. The highlight of her career was undoubtedly the use of her song "The Only Redeemer" in the US television series CSI: Miamiwhich earned them a mainstream single release on Palm Pictures and catapulted their music onto dance floors around the world. If you want references: I can't help thinking of Dreadzone, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Thievery Corporation or International Observer when I hear the noise shaper sound - a sound that I love to this day, but which has unfortunately been forgotten. Only the International Observer has remained loyal to him. How nice that Echo Beach now pays respect to the oeuvre of the Viennese and the irresistible different drummer sound. The label released a retro sampler of their music two years ago, but only now is the real highlight: Palolo Baldini chased the already fantastic tracks through the echo chamber and made them even more fantastic. Newsbies should also know who Paolo Baldini is: A Dub-Master like one who resides high up in the Italian Alps.

colleague Karsten Frehe states "Shaping the Noise" that the album by Baldinis Dubmix "does not sound like a new infusion of the well-known, but refreshingly new". How right he is! By Baldinis Dub- Arts, the fifteen year old music sounds dewy. I would speak of a classic win-win situation here. Sophisticated, complex and extremely groovy productions from the past meet a meticulous, imaginative and perfectionist one Dubmixer of the present with an unmistakable feeling for timing and dramaturgy. The result is twice as good. The best thing to do is to listen to the album with your headphones on (on Apple Music in lossless quality, by the way). A big Dub-Hearing experience.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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And I've always suspected that there is also a certain tendency towards the mainstream in me. However, I didn't know anything about CSI Maimi because I zap such programs even faster than advertising. Not because I don't like the quality, but because I can't do anything with the "actors" alone.
In any case, “The Only Redeemer” has always been my undisputed number one. As I wrote in Release Radar, Adrian Sherwwod's version is by far the most pushing and “in the ass kicking” version of “The Only Redeemer” for me. Paolo Baldini apparently had a completely different approach and mystified the riddim and completely reduced it to the "pure" DubLevel brought back. His versions don't force me onto the dance floor and rather make me shake my head in the armchair to groove. A quality that I already had before I was allowed to experience Adrian Sherwood at the mixer. Yes, I belong to the head-shakers. The thing just can't stay calmly on my shoulders when reggae or Dub or other really good music is playing (what other really good music …….?). The tune resp. Dub He also has “Dunk” completely in a rather ambient atmosphereDubVersion transformed and robbed of its danceability. Is that bad ? Nope! I don't always have to dance ......
But the Dub It doesn't sound “fresher” or even “cheekier” to me in any way. The version from about 15 years ago sounds much fresher to me. Still, that doesn't mean I don't like the latest version of Paolo Baldini.
What should I do ? I'm just not a newby anymore. I'm an old “reggae sack” and already know so much. I am constantly comparing and weighing whether I have to give myself this or that. I have come to the conclusion that this version of "Shaping The Noise" is not necessarily an extension of my DubHorizon need. But that doesn't change the fact that it's fun to hear. Dub is always fun!
And unlike many patients who have forgotten the sound of DreadZone, my brain is probably still in top shape. I just got the one again last night
“360 Degrees” were put on and during the whole disc I just thought, “It was only just recorded yesterday”. It sounds dewy or brand new. For me, on the other hand, the Dub in no way further developing world. Dub was a rejuvenation treatment for sounds, rhythms and, above all, listening habits from the very first moment.
Even King Tubby is still fresh as a dew in this regard and beyond any doubt, unless he is just tinkering with the cymbals and distorting the HighHat ;-)
Certainly finds im Dub some development takes place. But I reject development for the purpose of change. Too many developments bring about negative changes and I find that counterproductive, if not insane. I am thinking primarily of the “development” of so-called social media. That is apparently possible
already towards collective madness. At least it is enough for me what I only pick up on the edge. Before I get involved, I'll start smoking crack.

Ok, I just feel that I “inna me brain” is picking up speed and leaving the area of ​​coolness. Before I fly out of the curve, I'd rather say goodbye and have fun
the "new" disc from NoiseShaper. (It's pretty good, too, and if it's there somewhere to buy, I'll twitch the required note again anyway. That's how I am.
Have a lot Dub Heard Me Crazy, maybe that explains my madness a little).

Oh damn, I can think of another one. There's this amazing tip in the Release Radar! "Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle: to drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone "
I can't do something like that ;-) The originals from (2018?) Were awesome for me! And now they're doing it even better! In a way, they actually fly into the horror zone with their spaceship. I would rather say that you have finally left interstellar space behind and are somewhere where madness has method. If you consider that there is only about 3 Kelvin, the term horror zone is very appropriate.
I can't stand it because I have this Dubs have always been one of my holy grails and now they are only half as good. In addition, I can only use it in the
Listen to the horror zone. Where the world consists of ones and zeros. Where there is only on or off. Where my favorite music is compressed and the sound is snipped around.
Quasi limbo ... ..

Yes, it’s good ……. I'm already going in the gate! ……………………………………… .. lemmi

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