Papa Dee: Sir Pinkerton Investigates Another Murder in Red Hut Studio

Ah ... wonderful! Again one Dub-Counterpart to a vocal release - as it should be, I mean. One thing depends on the other and in general: One foot can't run. So I present ""Sir Pinkerton Investigates Another Murder at Red Hut Studio“(Red Hut Studios) - that Dub-Album for Papa Dee's last year, rather simply named "The Red Hut Sessions" release. The anticipation was great on my part, there was already a very nice vocal from Papa Dee /Dub-Combination that has a somewhat weird appearance history, but was convincing across the board: "Papa Dee meets the Jamaican Giants"And"Papa Dee Meets the Jamaican Giants vs. Internal Dread: In Dub".

With the “Jamaican Giants” it didn't work out this time; "Sir Pinkerton" is more Swedish than Swedish (like Wasa crispbread, I would almost like to say, but the Barilla pasta cookers have long since incorporated that). To explain: Papa Dee is Swede, the musicians are Swedes; Studio, recording, mixing, mastering: everything in Sweden, through Sweden & from Sweden. What can I say: Europe rules, at least what classic (roots) reggae and Dub concerns. They have been made here very well for some time, with attention to detail and with a lot of respect for the greats. No wonder that to us some European production sounds more Jamaican than the output there.

Back to Papa Dee and his Dub-Release: The big, not entirely unreasonable topic, which has been dealt with several times in variations, is murder cases in which the famous "Pinkerton National Detective Angency" conducts investigations - by the founder, Sir Pinkerton himself. What does that have to do with the music? Nothing; Titles like “Serial Killing” or “Pure Murder” Dub“Are somehow to be understood as borrowing from Jamaican role models. 

In the end, one can say a lot of good things about "Sir Pinkerton investigates ..." (the length of the album title is really bad for marketing): Beautiful, hand-made riddims, a fine sound and a successful, classic one Dub-Mix that gives the echo loop a lot of time - King Tubby sends his regards! The only disturbing thing is the rock steady (or is it Ska?) Track, which is more or less due to a personal dislike. Out with the part from the playlist and everything is good & recommendable again.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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"Yes, Borussia Bernie here" ...... oh no, it's just me, the lemmi.

Well, I'm really very simple. Just recently I wrote, “I'm sure that I will soon be able to write about very good riddims again.” And it was also clear to me that it would not be long in coming.
My first listening experience with this "disc" was completely impartial. I came back to my office and here - as almost always - the “Deep In Dub Extended Version ".
It was the moment when the “Feedback Stabber Dub“I ran and at that point I got the feeling as if you finally came to a really nice, warm ski hut without skis, just hiking through the snow and tired of it for a while. The smell of homemade goulash soup fills your nose and the cozy warmth spreads slowly but steadily throughout your body. A place for which there could be no better substitute at this moment, except perhaps in the womb of one's own mother.
Yes …. and then, of course, I had to scroll the beautiful "disc" back to the beginning. Everything I heard immediately sent me on a dream vacation. It is really an advantage that I am so simple. Give me those riddims with these amazing basslines and you can do that Dub in principle almost leave out ……………
Oops ... .. did I actually just write that?!? I have to go to bed again. Well, I just wanted to make it clear how these riddims hit me. But also in terms of things DubAtmosphere and the associated technical gimmicks, this disc is just right for me.
I found the "story" with the "Giants" really great, but I have to say this one Dubs here - for my taste - tingling a little more in my navel. Somehow they don't sound as good as the "Giants". There's a lot more going on here for me. And since I also appreciate the SkaRythmus very much (or was it "fast" RockSteady after all?), I am also very satisfied with it. I have to pay a big compliment to the Swedes because they play these Jamaican riddims as if they were born on the island themselves. These riddims have a charm that was only found in Jamaica. And I am hopefully at the mercy of this charm. And if anything is good at all, it's that.

I very much hope, no matter how weird the history of the publication may be, that I will find these "investigative MurderStories" in both the vocal and the DubVariant, soon or at least sometime, also at home in a solid form, can add to my treasures.

"Secret Laboratory, Scientific Dancehall" …………………………………… lemmi

Gulash soup? Apple strudel!!!

I have the "Jamaican Giants" vocal /Dub-Combi in front, because
1) two of my all-time favorite tunes * - Gregory Isaacs' "If I don't have you" and Dub Syndicate's “One in a Billion”) are covered pretty well by dad
2) the Dub Mix of Internal Dread imo is more exciting

In terms of sound, Sir Pinkerton clearly has the edge ... there are +/- 10 years between the recordings.

* It could well be that I don't have my absolute favorite tunes anymore ...

That's right gtkriz!

The cover version of “One In A Billion” turned out really well.
With such an original version as from DubBut Syndicate has to give everything to avoid spanking it. Papa Dee's version is (I have a knot in my throat right now because it's so difficult for me to do it) maybe even a little more sympathetic because Papa Dee can sing better than Capleton, I think. The sentence was really difficult for me now, but it's okay.

"Work It" ………………………. lemmi

Luciano, lemmi.
Luciano sings “One in a Billion” on “Acres of Space”, Capleton does the track “Time” on it.
Imo Papa Dee sticks very closely to Luciano's version (see / hear beginning of "Bless us, Bless us Negus ...")


Color vinyl copies of the Sir Pinkerton (ltd. 250 copies vinyl LP only press) just landed here @ IRIE RECORDS eK
As with the other Papa Dee full length LP releases it is distributed via outside of Sweden

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