Phil Harmony: 10 YRS of Dub

10 YRS In Dub

The Dubnight radio show by Phil Harmony, live from the studio in Leipzig. Every two weeks Phil presents a selection that is more interesting Dub-Releases. Really became known Dubnight through the meanwhile three Dubnight compilations, which Phil put online for free download. For the ten-year anniversary of Dubnight is now available - also as a free download ( - 10YRS in Dub. This is by no means a "best of" the Dubnight sampler. Instead, 11 are gathered here Dubs that Phil Harmony recorded and mixed himself. “You're a DJ and not a musician. How did you manage that? ”I ask him. “I taught myself everything over the course of ten years,” he proudly explains. And I have to say: not bad. The tracks can really convince. Often built close to the downtempo style, it is noticeable that Phil's love is chilled rhythms. Gentle, but with the necessary bass pressure, he sends us on a journey through those illuminated by elegiac synth sounds Dub-Night. I could still listen to that for the next ten years.
Rating 4 stars

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