Arky Starch: DubScales

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The good Arky again. Last year he was still in my top 5 Dub ( Files ) done. Although it doesn't fade as obviously here, I'm not as blown away as I was with "Bass It Up". There were a few Steppas there too, but I think with this EP he would also like to be played at the SteppaDances. It's nothing bad, but at my house there are only "very rarely" SteppaParties.

So far it's only an EP. Maybe there will be more with mystical magic and that will result in a whole magic Dub Album.

Greetings ………………… lemmi

Yeah man

I know "it's hard to live inna babylon as a rastaman". And also as a Dubproducer I'm a little bit sad that I can only stream your Music.
I think it would be a giant leap for all DubHeads, especially for me, when there is a CD or a Vinyl LP of your great DubMusic.
But, I can't put the risk away to press some CD's or Vinyl LP's. It is not sure that you can make business with other people than me. Most of all Mankind is happy with the digital datas …….. ok sorry, my english is over now ;-)

Greetings ………… .. lemmi

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