Dub Syndicate: Mellow & Colly (Expanded Deluxe Edition)

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Yeah man


I think that you can clearly hear here in the stream that the final mix or mastering of the Mellow and Colly album comes very close to an acoustic disaster. The part could also be made for people who have already developed a kind of compression in the higher frequencies in the mp3 format as a chronic hearing impairment. With a high-end system you are hopelessly lost here, I think. It could also be wrong...
But people who don't necessarily need the original sound, but like us DubFans who live in harmony with (almost) all sound tinkering naturally have their own ways and means of getting a passable sound out of Mellow and Colly's messed up “Höhenrausch”. Even if it's just the treble and bass buttons on any amplifier. With an equalizer it gets even better and if you do it like that DubMatix does it, it immediately becomes too dull again ;-) ….
But also with DubWith Matix you know how to help yourself and simply turn the treble in completely. And then …. yes but then!!! …..Luzie is really going crazy!!!
“GOD IS A MAN” was written here by DubMatix – for my taste – is actually really pimped up again. I especially like the rhythm guitar, which I've been playing more often lately Dubmatix noticed and here Mellow and Colly come together in a very sparkling way Dub for the dance floor. In any case, it always helps me a lot when dancing when the reggae rhythm runs almost or completely through and not from Dubmaster is taken off track in order to trigger a special kind of madness in the reggae junkies when the rhythm guitar or the keyboard or, in the best case, both, gets back into the groove and brings the reggae heart into absolute ecstasy. At least that's how I feel.
I think his version of “Patient Man” is just as good (actually absolutely top class)! Here, too, I really like the almost consistent rhythm and I have to admit that for me it's definitely a step up from Adrian Sherwood's versions. He hasn't lost his sense of detail in any way, because Style Scott's drums and especially the very accentuated double hit on the toms "next to the snare drum" are also emphasized and enchanted with reverb in his version lemmi likes it best. Also the DubVisionist has made no compromises in this regard in his interpretation.
If I am the only one who hears a “double hit”, then it may be because it is “just” a very crisp echo.
Anyway, I feel like this Dubmatix was very happy to be able to “edit” these riddims. It's been a long time since I've had this great music Dubbelongs to matix.

If God is really human, I would be very happy if we could chat about our messed up world.

Cheers …………. lemmi

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