DubBeach Allstars: Dubbing Up the Coast

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Phew! The album is my salvation. With most of the new releases here, I really couldn't muster that much enthusiasm. I thought I am not one at all DubConnoisseur more and actually don't get up that much DubMusic. But here I got warm to my heart again. I don't need to mention that this is mainly due to the warm and strong, as well as very soothing bass melodies. The bassist, or possibly the bassist, have completed the tutorial for learning magical basslines - from my point of view - at least with the full number of points. Be there DubEffects almost a minor matter. Even though it was n 'a little bit, it could have been more.
Yes, it is time again that I draw a little conclusion for myself. The more Dubs in circulation or on offer, the more I come to the conclusion that there is more mass than quality. Dub is just not as simple and natural as many believe. Mastering the technology more or less is one thing, but rhythm and magic first have to be played by good musicians or, in an emergency, programmed. If only there weren't always the exceptions to the rule ……………
The service with the new releases is really great. That's exactly what I've always been looking for before I got the DubBlog found. What I just didn't realize is that it made me a kind of DubI have to become a scout, because not all of the “right” treats have been and will be pre-sorted with a well-founded review. The record stores used to do that for me, but not everyone has Hinz and Kunz Dub produced. But there are far too many Hinze and Kunze on the Internet.

Ok, don't let me spoil your mood. There are always these fantastic ones Dubs that bring me to ecstasy but I only take every tenth ;-) …….

"People you've got it now" "The Show Is Coming" "Dubbing is a must “……………………… .. lemmidemmi

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