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I do not know it either. Either my taste has changed or I haven't really known any really good ones for a long time Dubs from the revolutionaries.
In the meantime, I've settled for the sentence "Sly And Robbie can't Dub' at length 'ashamed'. The main reason I came up with it was because even working with Mad Professor didn't really appeal to me DubNirvana sent. "The Dub Revolutionaries” really didn't really appeal to me. It may be that the "saxophone arias" by my "favorite saxophonist" in particular were quite a turnoff. Otherwise, I might have missed a certain composure with most of the riddims, so that - for me - not a real one Dubcould create magic.
The Errol Brown but THE DUBMASTER (!) is the perfect one with Sly and Robbie or with the Revolutionaries DubTo be honest, it only really became clear to me in the last 10 years or so. Yes, there is a rustle here at “Conference Dub' occasionally but most riddims just have that certain something that makes them so charming and smart to me. And Errol Brown manages to do an excellent one again DubTo create an atmosphere so that the basic feeling is right. I don't want to or I can't go into individual effects, because they aren't that spectacular, but the sound of the RiddimGuitar is entirely on my favorite frequency. In addition, almost all riddims are of the finest quality (I think I already mentioned something similar).
And actually, when Mikey Dread said "spacey" I was completely blown away by the whole album! This is also a special feature that I have often noticed very positively about Errol Brown. The way he fades vocals in and out is just awesome!
And in this context it just occurs to me why I am such a fan of Africa or of ( most ) Africans. The way they celebrate football and of course themselves is just fantastic. These bright colors and this groove, which they even have during the games, just makes me happy. Every movement, every move is dance! And with a charm that repeatedly brings tears of emotion and joy to my eyes.

Live Africa! ……………………….. lemmi

A small selection of albums mixed by Errol Brown:

BB Seaton - I'm Aware Of Love [1979]
BB Seaton - Revolutionary dub [1976]
Barry Biggs - Wide Awake In A Dream [198X]
Bob Marley & Wailers - Confrontation [1980]
Bob Marley & Wailers - Uprising [1980]
Brent Dowe - What Love Can Do [1981]
bro Yahya - No False Prophet [1983]
Burning Spear – Farover [1982]
Burning Spear - HAIL HIM [1980]
Burning Spear - The Fittest Of The Fittest [1983]
Culture—Culture In Dub [1978]
Culture - Cumbolo [1979]
Culture - Harder Than The Rest [1978]
Culture – Production Something [197X]
Culture – Trod On [197X]
Dean Fraser-A Touch Of Dean [1978]
Don Carlos - Harvest Time [1982]
Don Carlos - Suffering [1981]
Don Carlos & Gold - Raving Tonight [1983]
Duke Reid-Treasure Isle Dub Volumes 1 + 2
Earl Chinna Smith— Dub It [1983]
Errol Brown- Dub About Dub [197X]
Errol Brown - Pleasure Dub [197X]
Ethiopians-Slave Call [1977]
Frankie Paul - Hand Cart Man [1986]
Fred Locks - Black Star Liner [1976]
Gladstone Anderson - Sings Songs For Today and Tomorrow [1982]
Heptones - On The Run [1982]
Israel Vibration - Unconquered People [1980]
Jack Miller - Dreadlock Skirt [1981]
King Sounds - Come Zion Side Happiness [1979]
King Sounds & Israelites – There Is A Reward [198X]
Lacksley Castell - Morning Glory [1982]
Lizzard-Satta I [1976]
Marcia Griffiths - Naturally [1978]
Max Edwards - Rockers Arena [1982]
Mighty Diamonds - Changes [1981]
Mighty Diamonds - Heads Of Government [198X]
Mighty Diamonds - Indestructible [1981]
Mighty Diamonds - Reggae Street [1981]
Mutabaruka - Check It ! [1983]
Mutabaruka - Outcry [1984]
Ras Karbi - The Seven Seals [1984]
Rita Marley - Harambe [1983]
Rita Marley - Who Feels It Knows It [1980]
Roots Radics Meet Soul Syndicate – Roots Radics Meet Soul Syndicate – In Dub [198X]
Sly & Robbie - Dub Rockers Delight [1982]
Sugar Minott - Them A Wolf [1987]
Third World - Arise In Harmony [1980]
Tinga Stewart's - I Feel The Music [1981]
Tullo - Tullo At Home [1982]
U Roy – Version Of Wisdom [197X]
U Roy - With Words Of Wisdom [1979]
Various Artists – Hottest Hits [197X]
Various Artists - Knotty Vision [1983]
Various Artists – Original Ska Explosion Vol 2 [196X]
Wailing Souls - Stranded [1984]
Yellowman - Live At Reggae Sunsplash [1982]

Have fun discovering.

Was probably also a hard-working guy, Errol Brown.
And since the list starts with BB Seaton, I could start crying again. There's a megaDubFeuerWerk by Errol Brown meets BB Seaton! Unfortunately, I only know it digitally from the gtk playlist.
This too DubI find it galactic !!!
About a third of the discs mentioned above I can correctly put on as a record at home. Yes, I've long known Errol Brown as an engineer, but he's such a good one Dubs power was not clear to me for a long time.
It's also really crazy that it's only "a small selection" of discs that the man mixed.
yeah man ! Jamaica really had a great time. Heard the Jamaican government no longer supports Roots and Culture music. But I'd rather not write anything more about that now, otherwise this will degenerate into a hate tirade against armchair farters, for whom a fat car is still "worth" more than really good music.

So long ……………… .. lemmi

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