Groundation Meets Brain Damage: Dreaming From An Iron Gate

One Response to “Groundation Meets Brain Damage: Dreaming From An Iron Gate”

What a gem of an album!
Umm, I'm only just at the beginning of the second piece, but it's already blowing me away.
"And I don't want just a bare dub album!”, Groundation MasterMind Harrison Stafford (I'll probably never warm to his voice, but it's only subtle on this disc) is said to have said to Martin Nathan (aka Brain Damage)… if that's the case, wise words and they have goaded the Martin into a first class masterpiece...
At the end of the 90s, Brain Damage was at the forefront of my personal Dub-Initiation, which at that time had a page called and the samplers Dubzone 1 – 10 and the label Hammerbass from France to the Caribbean to Augustus Pablo etc. and more and more spread from a small wave to a tsunami in my life and taste in music… (literally everything that I used to love is in ruins so I heard, today it's almost impossible to do without offbeat and Dubmix… can I still be saved?
We're not halfway through the year, but definitely a contender for me so far Dubalbum of the year... so now it's over writing and I'm just enjoying the sound.
Pump up the volume... jazzy dubby reggae party... what a stimulating Whitsun weekend start...

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