Indicates Dubs: Showcase Chapter 6

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Well, do I need such a quilted sound? Maybe at a dance... but otherwise this release doesn't convince me... outdated, already heard a thousand times similar or exactly the same, boring for my ears.

I always ask myself who is such Dubs would like to hear at all. If not even us Dubfans are really excited, then who ?!?
Strictly speaking, here at the 18 Dub/Tunes only 4 different versions. It was inflated again until nothing worked anymore. Unfortunately only ones and zeros were inflated here. Quasi a cheap product was sucked out to the maximum possible!
I admit, I would also like to join the dance, especially since I like "Fussing And Fighting" plus the three Dubversions (?!) even goes quite well into the blood or "inna my brain".
But I can't change it! I never liked the "computer revolution" or the "digitization" of reggae a la "Sleng Teng" and anything else that sounded similarly cheap. I even find the "Sleng Teng" much better in the "Didgeridoo version" than with this Casio pocket calculator sound.
Still, I can relate to the groove of reggae and Dub I can't completely withdraw it and so I can't prevent my head from shaking along with the beat. But it's a bit like whipped cream from a pressure can. Real cream is a thousand and one times better, but whipped cream can at least give you the illusion of cream, at least temporarily and quickly temporarily. Is sometimes (actually always) better than cake or ice cream without any cream.
However. I'm not a friend of this one Dubs but if I heard this groove somewhere, I would definitely call out from afar :
"Hey listen! There's something going on Dubmusic ! I have to go there !!!"

As long as ……………. lemmi

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