King Size Dub 23

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Does Echo Beach have a new boss or what is this about?

Sounds – to my taste like a sellout. Everything must Go ! Maybe even a kind of compost heap for dubmusic nobody wanted.

You can shoot yourself in the foot and that seems to have happened here. If DubFans like me come to such a perception, something must have gone completely wrong. I'm not a bad person (at least I don't think so) but the music here didn't inspire me to have a better opinion.

Before anyone gasps because of the “compost heap”, I would like to add that compost is basically the “breeding ground” for new life. But the current state is still very far away from healthy humor.

No offense but these Dubmusic here leaves me pretty cold.

Lemmi: Maybe even a kind of compost heap for dubmusic nobody wanted.

With the best will in the world, there is no better way to characterize such a use of leftovers. That even tops the carnage on David Bowie's music. Echo Beach in free fall, unbeatable in tastelessness.

All right Mark!

I thought I'd get a reprimand or a reminder because I expressed myself too clearly.
But now after your comment I think the album really isn't good.
I'm also sorry that I'm slowly but surely one of the Echo Beach "haters". So far I didn't want to admit it, but the "boys" are drifting away. The album almost sounds like a "false flac action" about denigrating our favorite music.

No matter what language you speak, this is not aggro Dub Version!!!

So long …………… .. lemmi

I used to buy everything from Echo Beach without thinking twice. Today I think for a long time whether I should buy anything at all.

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