Phil Pratt: Star Wars Dub (Re Release)

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Yes, look at that!

Feels like this is one of my first 10 Dubdiscs ever. It has been on my record shelf for at least 30 years, if not 40 years. And if I hadn't just listened to it again, my comment would have been, "one of the most boring DubRecords that I have ever heard. There was no Alpha and Omega back then. Or was there?
Mmmmmh, yes, I can't help but make an unqualified statement. I just don't like Alpha and Omega and this Star Wars Dub I did not have an exceptionally good and exciting DubBut maybe my “absolute hearing” has also matured and can only now appreciate the quality of the DubI am happy and – even if there is no reason for it – even a little proud that this little gem is in my possession. The cover alone is a milestone for me, because I still belong to the generation for whom the first Star Wars film ever was a very positive and completely
ushered in a non-political turning point. That revolutionized cinema! (Maybe another unqualified statement from me but it was worth it to me)

Viva the revolution!!! ……………………. lemmi

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