Roots Architects: From Then 'til Now

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Incredible Dub, but an outstanding reggae-instrumental album, partly mixed with a good touch of jazz. Delicacy!

As a matter of fact !
This is a great album. The riddims are of a very special cast and immediately captivated me.
The groove and also the jazzy influences take me away.
But ……….
The many hooklines (I don't know a German term for it) and also the many solos (from flute to trombone to saxophone) make it a real task for me over the length of the album. The transverse flute plays too much “Peace, Joy, Pancakes” for me and the saxophone does give me “winged ears” every now and then. Seen in this way, the album is “Pearls for swine” if you apply it to me.
I think it's a good reason for me to go back to goal…………….. lemmi

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