Sid Bucknor: Sid's Melodic Vibes

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In a somewhat uninspired manner, the pieces are simply alphabetized from “Song A” to “Song J”. The uninspired only refers to the song names, the music is definitely more inspired.
A re-release, from when, I have no idea (70s?).
I find it irritating that they say it's an instrumental album and then "Song B" comes with vocals. And yes, the hi-hats are sometimes mixed a bit harshly... otherwise the songs are waiting for time and leisure for a serious, conscious listen...

Another addendum: The cover is misleading!
The songs live exclusively from guitars, organs and percussion... there are no brass instruments!

I think these are true (rare) treasures! The riddims create an ethereal or let's say very distant feeling. The keyboard sound is sometimes recorded a little too blatantly or “brightly” or perhaps just takes itself a little too seriously.
What you (Philip) perceive here as “a bit garish” is often referred to by me as “cymbals” – loosely taken from the “Flying Cimbals”. Singers like Johnny Clark were probably really into it. I can't understand that with the best of intentions. To me that sounds like a sound-technical accident.
Nevertheless, these “melodic vibes” here are a real feast for the ears for me.

Cheers …………. lemmi

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