Some Dub Stories: Chapter One

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Well, it doesn't seem so timeless to me. Not sure what "half-life" these are DubStories have for me but at the moment I find it quite spectacular. The trumpet is mainly played here and I like that a lot more than a cheesy or jazzy saxophone.

Well, I like it so much that I wanted to mention it …………………. lemmi

All right Ras Vorbei !

If you like it too, I'm not that far off the mark today. Sometimes I'm also from the colorful "BlingBlink" and orderly DubTinsel a little blinded. It almost sounds a bit like “OnDubGround" "PopDub“, which is again a very superficial claim on my part, because I know On sooo wellDubGround Sound also not necessarily off. That's also because I got the impression that they're doing too much and too fast and unfortunately they're also closing ( yes, how should I put it? ) .... trendy.

I'm looking forward to your review ………………… lemmi

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