Teflon Zincfence & Eclectic Prodz: Side A

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Well, why only Side A, please? I'm dying for Side B, C and D (more coming?)...
I really like the 4 short tracks that are left, if you disregard the intro, interlude & outro... more of these please!
Clean basslines, good Dubmix and a "cricket hi-hat style" in the piece "Reggae Labs", which I find so very cool... even the subtle siren knows how to please for once and doesn't annoy (me) at all (lemmi, how about you out?)… at least a good 13 minutes… better than nothing!

Hey Philip!

Thanks for asking !

Teflon Zincfence once again shows where the hammer hangs and where the frog has the curls. "Creator" and especially "Westmoreland" are once again milestones in the DubMusic. These riddims and bass lines are and will remain unmatched. Yes, are untouchable and beyond any doubt.
I just don't understand how they do it. The bass is not plucked that often and delicately, but every vibration creates a Viagrafeeling in the WHOLE (!) body. I feel strong ! Also "unbreakable". I kiss the stars I am OBELIX! The rest too Dubs are world class and I wouldn't want to have to do without an intro and interlude either. As far as I can tell it is Dubmusic or Dub from Jamaica! If not, I'll go in goal and never comment again (well, I don't think so myself but I'd be blown away if something like that could be created from Hinglan anywhere else in the world other than maybe Brixton)

Teflon Zincfence OOOOLES!!! Jamaica got the groove !!! …………….. lemmi

(The "DröhnBass" in "Talking Clean but ..." is a small drop of bitterness for me. This bass sound is only second choice for me. For me, a bass must at least sound as if it was produced by a vibrating string. The "Gismos" in such a computer or in a CasioKeyboard have no idea about it. However, I have to admit that I've been wrong every now and then. Well, I have no idea either, I just know about it ;-) )

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