The Aggrovators & The Revolutionaries: Guerrilla Dub (Re Release)

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On Spotify they always write “Aggravators”……

Once it happens, I think it was an accident, but I think they think they're really called Aggravators.
Well, whatever. I assume these are the shots that don't necessarily take me to Dub have led. In any case, it doesn't sound to me as if Glen Brown had spiced up these run-of-the-mill riddims from Jamaica with a little more pizzazz. But well, maybe my daily form has completely disappeared and I don't even recognize good old Glen Brown anymore.
In any case, the bass lines are not yet at the peak level of Jamaican bass melodies. Yes, I'm going to go out on a limb and risk a big lip again, because I can vaguely remember that an Aston Barrett and perhaps a Robbie Shakespeare may have been there in both the Aggrovators and the Revolutionaries could. But no master has fallen from heaven yet and even if it's not my favoriteDubs are, they still feel good when they're running.

(It could also be that we are no longer allowed to use “aggro” with o because it might sound too brutal for our young students. Or it cannot be reconciled with gender conventions.)

I stand under the crossbar again, between the posts……….. lemmi

That's right lemmi, that's already spelled wrong on my clear vinyl album from 1978. Even there the Aggravators are already there. I have corrected the typo.

All right Ras Vorbei !

But I really hope that your cover from back then wasn't so bad
looks like this – I assume – remake.
What about my assessment of the bass players?
Am I completely wrong?
Well, ok, I can google it myself. But I'm more like water. I don't flow uphill and I like to keep things easy for myself...

Until then…….. lemmi

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